Stacy Serles

Success Coach


Building 1, Room 103


(541) 463-5771

photo of Stacy SeriesHello everyone, my name is Stacy. I was born and raised here in Eugene and like all of you, and some of the other coaches, I was once a student here at LCC. In addition to success coaching, I am currently continuing my education at Portland State University where I am studying social work. I am excited to help you navigate your time here, guide you through some really great success strategies, and point you to some excellent resources!

Success Tip: It is necessary to think ahead and to have a big picture idea of what your goals are, but it is imperative to stay flexible. It is equally important to just breathe and take it one week at a time. Remember, each term is just 10 weeks, plus finals. At the beginning of each term study your syllabus and know what is expected throughout the term. Make weekly checklists and note the due dates in some sort of planner (my favorite is a simple google doc, color coded with bullet points) and check them off when they are done! That is the fun part!