Becoming a Child Care Provider

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How do I become listed with DHS to receive child care Subsidies?

Some families receive assistance through DHS to pay for child care. If you have such a family who's children you care for and you are not yet listed with DHS, the listing form should come directly from the family's caseworker to insure you are linked to that family. If you have not yet been connected to a family, you can download a Pre-listing form. More info on the program can also be found on the Oregon Child Care Provider Information page. Before listing with DHS you must complete  Introduction to Child Care Health and Safety, Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect (RRCAN), and Infant and Child CPR/First Aid. 

How do I become a Licensed Child Care Facility?

The Office of Child Care (OCC) is the state agency that regulates child care in Oregon. OCC regulates three different types of child care facilities: Registered Family Child Care, Certified Family Child Care and Certified Child Care Centers. To read the rules and regulations concerning all three types of care, you can visit the Office of Child Care website or call OCC at 1 (800) 556-6616 for detailed information.

To become licensed, you will need the following:

Can I provide care without being licensed?

There are exceptions under which you can provide care for children without being licensed or registered. To find out what those rules are, visit the OCC website or call FC for information.