Changing Grading Options

"Grade Option" refers to the level of assessment you will receive for your work in a credit class, which can determine if that whether it has an impact on your GPA, if that course can apply to your degree, and more.

What are the Grade Options?

Letter Grade

The default option, standard A, B, C, D, and F, and sometimes plus and minus. This is calculated into your GPA as well as giving credit for a class completed. For degree-seeking students, many of your courses are required to be taken for a letter grade. Check with your academic advisor if you are uncertain.

Pass/No Pass

Does not impact GPA. If you "pass" (earn the equivalent of a C- or better), then you earn the credits for the class, if you receive a "no pass" (below a C-) you do not earn the credits. Not all courses are available to take as P/NP.


Does not earn credit or a grade. Taking a credit class for personal reasons only, with no need for credit. Gives you the right to attend class, without obligations on the part of either the student or instructor for grade requirements.

How Do I Change My Grade Option?

You can change your grading option for any class after you register for it and any time up until the Last Day for Schedule Changes during the term, the end of the 8th week. Changing your grade option can have an impact on your financial aid. If you’re not certain, reach out to an advisor.


  • Log into myLane
  • Click on the "myEnrollment" tab and then click on "Registration Tools".
  • Choose "Register for Classes", and then select your term.
  • You will see your schedule and a search area, with three tabs at the top ("Find Classes", "Enter CRN's", "Schedule and Options")
  • Choose "Schedule and Options"
  • Each course you are taking will be listed, with the words Letter Grade for your grade option. This will be underlined if you have the option to change it. (A few courses at Lane do not have this option, as they are only offered for a Letter Grade, and the words "Letter Grade" will not be underlined)
  • Double Click Letter Grade and a menu of your options will appear.
  • Choose either P/NP or Audit, and click "Submit" at the bottom right of this screen.
  • You will see a message that the update has been saved.