Nursing Integrative Practicum Program Situations Requiring Clinical Teaching Associate (CTA) Supervision

Direct Preceptor Supervision is Required For:

All medication administration (all routes) at McKenzie Willamette Hospital and all PeaceHealth Facilities. 

  • Any situation/procedure for which the CTA feels supervision is necessary.
  • Any procedure the student has done infrequently.
  • Any procedure for which the student requests supervision.
  • Venipuncture.
  • Insulin and heparin dose verification.
  • Drug calculation verification.
  • Blood or blood product administration.
  • Transfer of patient to or acceptance of patient from any special care area (e.g., OR, ER, ICU, TCU, SSU).
  • NG tube insertion.
  • Transcription of physician's orders (must be countersigned by the preceptor).
  • Validation of verbal or phone orders from physician and pharmacist (orders must be countersigned by the preceptor).
  • Central line removal.
  • Initiation and alteration of dosage of patient controlled analgesia (PCA).
  • Initiation and alteration of dosage of continuous IV medication infusion (e.g., insulin, heparin,dopamine).
  • Dosage alteration and bag/tubing change for epidural analgesia infusion.

Direct CTA Supervision is Required for the Following Until Such Time As the Student Has Demonstrated Competence:

  • Intravenous medication administration.
  • Insertion of a Foley catheter/performance of straight cath.
  • Central line flush, dressing change and tubing change.
  • PCA syringe change.
  • Invasive or complex dressing change.
  • Removal of drain (e.g., Blake, JP, hemovac, penrose)
  • Suture removal