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What is Service Learning?

Helping Hand - Service Learning Internships

Service learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience promote critical thinking and problem solving, increase civic awareness and responsibility, and strengthen communities. Students are encouraged to apply their knowledge and skills while addressing real community needs through hands-on volunteer experiences. Examples of service learning activities include tutoring at-risk youth, helping build a home, educating others about health risks, removing invasive plants from wetlands, or advocating for abused women. Students can earn Lane internship credits for participating in service learning activities.

How many hours of service are required?

Students may enroll in service learning internships for 1-3 credits. The number of hours of service is dependent on the number of credits. Students need to complete 36 hours of service for every 1 credit hour.

What is the Students Helping Students Service Learning?

Students who complete their service learning in a setting that serves their fellow students (such as tutoring, mentoring, and related service positions) are eligible to participate in the Students Helping Students Service Learning, a tuition-free internship option. Waiving the tuition costs is a way to recognize the value of the service to the college community.

How can I participate in Service Learning internships?

For more information contact:

Erin McGladrey, Faculty and Service Learning Coordinator
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