Nursing Integrative Practicum Program Guidelines for Calling Faculty

Reminder: Anytime the CTA wishes to contact the faculty related to student learning situations they are welcome to initiate a call. The examples below highlight specific situations where the faculty really needs to be contacted as soon as possible.

Must call Should call May want to call
Student involved in a patient care situation that involved completion of an incident report Student clinical performance is progressing more slowly than CTA expects Student is involved in emotionally upsetting care giving situation. Notification of faculty will help provide additional support for the student in debriefing.
Student in a situation that involved completion of an incident report because of student injury or potential injury Student and CTA are having difficulty negotiating patient care assignments.  
Student has repeated attendance problems or other issues with appropriate professional behavior. Student displays inappropriate professional behavior and CTA needs assistance addressing the issue.  
Student performance is consistently below CTA expectations. Student and CTA are having difficulty with communication  
Concerns about student safety in patient care environment. (Example: Student having trouble with drug calculations.)    
Concern regarding an impaired student in the clinical setting CTA needs ideas on how best to support student learning.