Eligibility and Documents Information

Eligibility Requirements and Documents Required

  • VA Benefits Term Planner - All students requesting VA education benefits at LCC must have a term planner on file before they are VA certified.
  • VA: Apply for Education Benefits - This is the first step to determine your eligibility for VA education benefits. Completing this application will allow the VA to determine your eligibility and provide you with a certificate of eligibility. This application process takes approximately 30 days.
  • General Rules for using veterans education benefits
  • Chapter 33 (Post 9/11)  - Veterans who served on active duty after 9/11/2001 may qualify for this benefit.
  • Chapter 1606 (ARNG & Reserve) - Students currently serving a minimum 6-year enlistment with the Reserve or Oregon Army National Guard
  • Chapter 35  (Dependents) - Dependents (including spouses) whose parent (wife/husband) served on active duty and were 100% permanently disabled as a result of active duty or was missing or killed in action. LCC also offers a Dependent Tuition Waiver for eligible students entitled to this VA benefit chapter. See the links at the bottom of this page to read the board policy and view the application. Please contact the LCC Veterans Benefit Office for more information.
  • Chapter 31 (Service-Connected Disability) - Veterans who received a service-connected disability while on active duty.

Note: The following waiver must be applied for every term, no later than 1 week prior to the start of the term. Only VA eligible CH 35 students are possibly eligible for this waiver.