How to Sponsor a Student

What are the costs?

Sponsoring school districts and/or the students are responsible for all tuition, student fees, class fees, and textbook costs. For current tuition costs and fee information see College Tuition, Fees and Payments.  Additional class fees can be found on the Class Schedule.

Additional Costs for the Sponsor

$20 sponsor fee per student, per term

How to Save on Textbook Costs

If you are paying for your own textbooks, look into used textbooks, ebooks, renting, and classes that are using Open Education Resources (OER) materials. The term class schedule will identify classes as OER. 

Titan Store Textbook sponsorship

If you want to help buy textbooks and/or supplies from the Titan Store, submit a Titan Store credit application every term.

In order for students to purchase their books online instead of coming in-person, please make a note about allowing online purchases on your Titan Store application.   On the textbook website, the student will select financial aid, enter in their L Number and sponsoring HS.

Please send the Titan Store application to the following people each term:

  1. Brenda, HSC Advsior:
  2. Sheryl:

What high school/school districts need to do if they will sponsor a student

  1. Make sure each sponsored student completes all the Early College Admission Steps
  2. Contact the HSC advisor with names of students and their L Numbers
  3. Every term, set up a Sponsored Accounts (see forms) for your students before the end of the first week of classes. Submit a copy to the HSC Advisor. 
  4. Have a written contract with the student/family describing what happens if the student:
  • fails or earns a Pass or No Pass grade
  • drops after the refund deadline
  • how many credits and the amount of fees will the district pay for