Become a TRiO/TRiO STEM Tutor

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TRiO tutors serve a small population of Lane students, less than 200 (~120 for TRiO STEM). Most of our students are first-generation college students, and the TRiO tutors are part of a full-service support program linking students to success and retention. Many of our students come to the TRiO/TRiO STEM Center for tutoring in two or three subjects at least once a week. TRiO tutors are adept in at least two subject areas, such as writing and math.

If you are applying for a tutoring position, Lane uses a competitive hiring process. Please apply by going to, select either "part-time classified staff" or "search all open positions". Look for our tutor posting under the TRiO department. The posting will give you all the information you need and instructions for applying. TRiO tutoring positions work for the three-term academic year (fall, winter, spring). The first review date for applications will be shortly before the term begins. Be sure to complete the application and include the additional documentation using the upload links in the posting.