Cost of Attendance

Estimated costs for a 9-month academic year:

  • Tuition and Fees: US$ 11,500
  • Books and Living Expenses (including housing): US$ 9,600
  • Health Insurance: US$ 1,550
  • Total: US$ 22,650

Please note:

  • These cost estimates are based on 20 hours for ESL students or 12-18 credits taken per term for college credit students.
  • For Dependents add $4,500 for spouse and $3,000 for each child
  • A deposit will be required prior to coming to Lane.  The requested deposit will be the estimated amount to cover all costs for one term of study (3 months).  After being fully admitted to Lane you will receive more details about the deposit including your invoice and payment instructions.
  • Aviation programs have additional costs.
  • The bank statement requirement must show enough funds to cover one full academic year and it is an estimate only. It is based on a student taking the minimum number of required courses, living in a shared apartment at Titan Court and utilizing a bus pass for transportation. It does not include any money for shopping or dining at restaurants. It is for estimation purposes only, and actual student expenses may vary. Students taking career and technical courses will have higher fees.  Fees can vary based on course selection. On average, international students can expect $500-$700 in fees, most of which are reflected above.
  • The technology fee will still be a variable fee of $9 per class.
  • The international student fee is $125 for full time international students.

International Student Deposit Payment Instructions

New international students admitted to Lane receive an invoice for their first term of study that covers the estimated cost of tuition, fees and housing. Students must submit their payment according to the deadlines provided on their invoice. Below are instructions on how to submit the deposit payment once the student has been notified. 

Key information to note: 

  • Some fees, health insurance, textbook costs and living expenses are not included in the deposit estimate as they may vary depending on the classes you are registered for.
  • The deposit is non-refundable except in cases of visa denial or with proof you have not entered the USA. Refunds are subject to Lane’s refund policy and a $250 processing fee.

Students can choose from two methods of payment:

  1. Go to TouchNet Marketplace Link
  2. Click International Student Deposit
  3. Enter the Deposit Amount ($7,500) and click Add Deposit Amount – You can enter a different amount if indicated on your invoice or if your card has a limit for each transaction. The minimum amount is $500 for each transaction.
  4. Click Add Deposit Amount
  5. Select the term you are starting at Lane
  6. Click Continue
  7. In the next page, click Checkout
  8. Enter the student’s First Name, Last Name, L-Number (provided to the student via email by Lane) and Email 
  9. Click Continue
  10. Enter the payer’s email for the receipt
  11. Click Continue
  12. You can pay with either Credit or Debit Cards even though the Payment Method only has the Credit Card option.
  13. Enter the payment card information and Billing Address
  14. Click Continue
  15. Then complete the Confirmation and Receipt page
  16. Once your payment is completed, you will receive the receipt in your email.

If you encounter any problems, please email with screenshots.

  1. Go to Flywire Link
  2. Choose your country and input the US dollar payment amount according to your invoice
  3. Click the blue “NEXT” button.
  4. Select your preferred payment method. It is usually in your local currency. Do not use USD currency card because you will be double charged on the exchange rate/fee.
    • If you choose Domestic Bank Transfer, you will get a payment instruction page for you to take to your local bank to make the payment.
    • If you choose a Debit/Credit card, your card will be charged directly.
  5. After you select the payment method, you will input Payer Information in the next page. You can choose to receive text notifications on payment status if you input your cell phone number
  6. Next step, you will fill out the information for the payment
    • Including payment type as “Deposit payment”
    • And the student’s ID (L00XXXXXX) which you will find on the invoice.
  7. After you review and confirm the information you entered, you will be able to go to the final step to pay. There are six steps in total.
  8. You can get email and text notifications of the payment status if you choose to sign up to receive them.