Music Juries

​Juries are a wonderful way for you to showcase the work you’ve been doing in individual lessons and to get feedback from faculty at the end of Fall and Spring terms. They are a valuable part of every music major’s experience.

Jury Participation

We officially limit our jury participation to music majors who are taking all three of the following:  

  • Music Core Classes (Music Theory, Sight Reading Ear Training, and Keyboard Skills)
  • Ensemble(s)
  • Individual lessons
  • Note for students taking lessons above the MUP 100 level, a music jury is required. For students taking lessons at the MUP 100 level (providing the student is a music major), jury participation is at the discretion of the Individual Lessons instructor

We will consider exceptions to these parameters in specific cases:   

  • Music major students who are enrolled in the Music Core Classes and an ensemble but can only take individual lessons without credit for financial/other reasons.
  • Individual Lesson students (MUP with credit) who are taking Music Fundamentals and have the intention to become a music major the following year (enrolling in the Music Core Classes, Ensemble, and Individual Lessons).  These students may be taking Music Fundamentals concurrently with or without Group Piano, and with or without an Ensemble when they are considered for jury participation.

Timeline for Juries

​Week 6

  • Jury coordinator initiates jury communication with IL instructors
  • IL instructors submit names of jury participants and other info (see above)

Week 7

  • Rehearsal schedule with accompanist is posted for students to sign up
  • Students submit accompaniment part
  • Students submit name of jury piece (composer and title)

Week 9    

  • Rehearsal(s) with accompanist begin
  • Jury schedule is posted.

Finals Week

  • Guitar/Electric Bass Juries:  Monday at 3 pm in Band room (6/122)—time may vary
  • Voice Juries:  Tuesday at 3 pm in Choir room (6/121)—time may vary
  • Instrumental Juries:  Wednesday at 1:30 pm in Band room (6/122)—time may vary
  • Piano Juries:  Thursday at 2 pm in Choir room (6/121)—time may vary

Repertoire and Accompaniment

Music Majors: please make sure  you communicate with your instructor regarding the repertoire you will be performing on your jury. This repertoire (including title and composer) needs to be emailed to Doug Doerfert no later than November 17th.  

Students will be provided with an accompanist if they need one.  Students may sign up for two 15 minute rehearsals with this accompanist during weeks 9 and 10.   A list of available times for rehearsals will be posted on Doug Doerfert's office door, room 145.

​Please sign up for two rehearsal times and deliver a copy of the accompaniment to Doug Doerfert as soon as possible and no later than November 17th, at 3 pm.

Some Notes About the Jury Process

  • A Jury schedule will be sent by email and/or posted ahead of time.  
  • Make sure to be ready outside of the Jury room, 10 minutes before your appointed time in case things are running ahead of schedule.
  • It is important to be dressed nicely for your jury as it is a formal presentation of your work.
  • When you enter the room, the Jury panel will greet you.
  • You will see the Jury panel writing notes as you perform. These notes are feedback for you to discuss with your lesson teacher later.
  • Once you finish performing all material, you will receive a few minutes of verbal feedback from the Jury panel.
  • If you are attempting a level change, the Jury panel will ask you to leave the room shortly while they discuss the results of your jury. The Jury panel will then invite you back into the room to discuss the results.

For more complete information regarding juries matters such as level guidelines, level changes, etc., please consult the MUP Jury Manual.