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Thank you, Lane voters!

On May 19, 2020, Lane County voters made a pivotal decision to invest in the future of LCC by approving Measure 20-306. This $121.5 million bond marked the beginning of a new chapter of innovation, safety, and excellence in education at Lane Community College.


  • Community and Expert Collaboration: The projects undertaken are the fruits of a meticulously planned Facilities Master Plan, which identified critical structural and programmatic enhancements. This multiyear effort, championed by the LCC Board, campus community, and local business leaders, prioritized safety, security, and modernization of learning environments.
  • Strategic Investment: Traditionally, LCC relied on general fund dollars for facility improvements. The approval of bond measure 20-306 signifies a strategic shift, allowing us to allocate bond funds for critical infrastructure improvements and channel remaining resources towards educational programs and efforts.

Transformative Projects

  • Safety and Security Upgrades: A cornerstone of the bond measure, these updates include seismic retrofitting of aging buildings, many over 50 years old and not meeting current seismic or structural codes, and the implementation of advanced safety features to ensure a secure learning environment.
  • Health Professions and Dental Clinic Expansion: Thanks to the bond and an additional $8 million state grant, we are constructing a new building to expand Health Professions programs and the LCC Dental Clinic. This expansion reflects our commitment to meeting the growing healthcare needs of our community.
  • Workforce Training Program Enhancements: A new Industry and Trades Education Center (ITEC) building is being constructed to house a “workforce and advanced technology hub”. The bond measure is facilitating the expansion of Workforce Training Programs, focusing on sectors like Advanced Technology and Cybersecurity, aligning LCC’s offerings with the evolving job market and industry demands. 
  • Modernized Learning Spaces and Technology: Across the district, classrooms and learning spaces are being revitalized with cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, ensuring our students have access to the most advanced educational resources.

This website is your gateway to witnessing the progress and impact of these initiatives. Through updates, milestones, and stories from our students and faculty, we invite you to join us in celebrating the transformation at Lane Community College. Together, we are not just building facilities; we are shaping the future of education and community development.

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Bond Oversight Committee

The Lane Community College (LCC) Bond Oversight Committee reviews progress on bond projects to provide accountability to the community.

Contact Bond Project

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If you have comments, questions or feedback concerning Lane's Bond, please email:
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