Integrative Practicum Program - Accident and Injury Procedures

If an accident occurs and:

Student does NOT require medical treatment:

  1. Student reports any injury to his/her instructor.
  2. Student should complete an LCC "Nursing Incident Report" form and give that report to instructor. This documents the incident so that if in the future the student does seek medical treatment, we have the information on file about the incident.
  3. Incident report remains in the student's file.

Student needs medical treatment:

  1. Student reports injury to his/her instructor and to clinical unit charge nurse.
  2. If immediate medical attention is required, the student should be sent to the Emergency Department.  Otherwise the student should go to LCC Student Health or their personal physician.  All students are required to have medical insurance in order to cover such expenses.
  3. Student should complete an LCC "Nursing Incident Report" form and give report to instructor.  This report will remain in the student's file.

Procedure to Follow in the Event of a Needle stick:

  1. Inform unit/department charge nurse or supervisor concerning needle stick.
  2. Complete facility incident report form.
  3. Complete LCC incident report form.
  4. Follow-up with the facility's Employee Health department (patient may be tested for virus').
  5. Any medical care required by student is completed by LCC Health Center or student's personal physician.