Messages for Health Professions Students

Health Professions requires all students to submit appropriate personal information

Please be informed that students who are admitted to any Lane Community College Division of Health Professions program must show evidence of meeting Health Profession Student Clinical Training Standards for the State of Oregon prior to placement in clinical courses and internships. The programs will provide provisionally accepted students with information related to submitting required documentation to a third party agent at mandatory orientation and/or through program correspondence. 

Students are advised that any flag on a drug and alcohol screen or criminal background check (e.g. positive results for narcotics, marijuana, alcohol and/or other illicit substances; any criminal history) may interfere with, or prevent, clinical placement and graduation. Students are responsible for all costs associated with meeting the Health Profession Student Clinical Training Standards

Minimum GPA requirement at graduation

Please be aware that you will be required to have a minimum 2.0 gpa at the time of graduation in order to graduate and receive your certificate or associate's degree from LCC. Please also be aware that only LCC courses count toward your final gpa.

Some of these programs and careers include exposure to bloodborne pathogens and infectious diseases. Training is included to protect both students and patients.