Deferred Maintenance

The use of bond funds for deferred maintenance projects at the facility has been both impactful and strategically directed towards crucial needs across various sectors. In the realm of athletic facilities, the 2020 Bond has effectively addressed maintenance requirements for soccer and track fields, securing their operational status for the next decade. However, further attention is required for the baseball field, with an estimated cost of $2.8 million needed to revive this asset, indicating a possible future allocation of bond funds.

For infrastructure improvements, significant investments have been made in parking lot and road maintenance. Following recommendations from a 2018 engineering report, the allocation of bond funds, supplemented by the Transportation Fee Fund, has supported ongoing maintenance. To date, bond funds have contributed $730,000 to these efforts. Additional structural studies highlight the necessity for $1.5 million in repairs for elevated exterior pathways around the Center Building, with proposals to cover these expenses using 2020 Bond funds. This proactive approach underscores the critical use of bond money in maintaining and enhancing essential infrastructure, thereby ensuring safety and functionality.

Building-related maintenance also showcases the strategic use of bond funds. Past allocations have supported substantial projects including roofing, fire and security systems, and LED lighting upgrades, totaling an investment of over $40 million. Looking forward, there are plans for major undertakings such as the demolition of Building 12 and major maintenance for Building 16, which collectively require significant financial commitment. These future projects illustrate an ongoing commitment to maintaining building integrity and operational efficiency, highlighting the bond's role in addressing deferred maintenance while aiming to meet industry standards for infrastructure investment.

  • Building 6 Roof – Completed 2021 
  • AED Replacement – Completed February 2024 
  • LED Lighting – Multiple projects completed 2021-2022. 
  • Cottage Grove Health Clinic – In progress by Lane County