A pathway on the east side of campus

Guided Pathways

Centering the Student Experience with an Equity Lens to Improve Student Outcomes

What is Guided Pathways?

Guided Pathways is a framework to provide students a structured, supportive student experience that leads and guides students toward completion and success achieving their career and life goals. Incoming students receive support to explore careers and clarify goals, choose a program of study, and develop an academic and financial plan. Clear academic plans, embedded advising, progress tracking, and feedback are integrated into the structure. Building on national research from the Community College Research Center (CCRC) and the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), as well as the examples of over 250 community colleges across the country, Guided Pathways institutional changes are designed to address equity gaps, and increase student retention and completion rates.

How does it help students?

The fundamental structure of Guided Pathways is called “The Four Pillars.” These pillars guide Lane Community College’s work in helping students achieve their goals. 

1. Create clear curricular paths to employment or further education

Through a clear pathway to a degree, certificate, or transfer to a four year university, students can see how to achieve further education or employment in fields important to the local workforce and economy.

2. Help students choose and enter their pathway, with a focus on career, academic, and financial planning

Through strengthening K-12 partnerships, redesigning placement into college-level courses, and creating a College foundational seminar, students will choose a plan of study based on their career goals and interests.

3. Help students stay on their chosen path of study

Students receive embedded advising, academic, and non-academic support to stay in their field of study for on-time completion. Holistic student supports such as advising, career coaching, and life assistance are provided.

4. Ensure students are learning with intentional outcomes aligned with the student’s goals

Program of study outcomes will be aligned with the requirements for success in employment or further education. Group projects, internships, and applied learning experiences will support students to learn skills needed in the workplace or further education.