Enrollment Services Forms

Choose from the available Enrollment Services forms listed below. Please read instructions fully and make sure to fill out the form completely; do not leave any part blank. Incomplete forms can delay your request or be denied.

If you have any questions regarding which form to use, please contact us.

Apply for admissions online - Follow this link to apply for admission to Lane. We'll notify you via email that you have completed the process and send your L number (student identification).

Academic Progress Review Petition - Under Revision

Application for Degree - Use this online form to apply for your degree or certificate from Lane.

Authorization and Consent to Release Education Records - Use this webform if you wish to authorize a release of your educational records to a 3rd party.

Catalog Year Petition - This petition is for students who wish to graduate with a degree or certificate using a set of requirements for which they do not automatically qualify under Lane Community College's Governing Catalog policy. Please work with your academic advisor to complete this form. Send completed forms to degreeevaluators@lanecc.edu 

Credit by Assessment - Students may have the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and skills covered in a Lane course by submitting descriptions, documents, tests, and other evidence to the department. Check with the individual department to see if this is an option. If it is, the department will work with you to get the information submitted to Enrollment Services.

Credit by Exam Students may have the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the material covered in a Lane course by exam, performance, or demonstration. Check with the individual department to see if this is an option. If it is, the department will work with you to get the information submitted to Enrollment Services.

Duplicate Diploma Request - Use the online form to order a duplicate or additional diplomas, or to replace past diplomas. *If you are unable to access the online form: Print out and complete the Duplicate Diploma Request paper form, then take a photo of it and submit the photo of the completed form to us via our digital drop box.

General Education Substitution and Waiver Petition - Use this petition for substitutions and waivers to the college's graduation requirements.

Health Clinic Services Registration - Use this form to opt in to pay for the Health Clinic Services fee.

Incomplete Agreement - Please contact the instructor to establish the terms of an assigned incomplete mark. The instructor then can submit the SoftDocs form online to Student Records.

Petition to Absolve Repeated Courses - A student can have the credits and grade points removed from the cumulative grade point average calculation if the first grade was B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D- or F and the identical class has been repeated at Lane. A course can only be retaken once for this purpose. If a course is retaken more than once, only the oldest course credits and points will be removed from the grade point average calculation under this policy.

Refund Request Form - If you have documented medical or emergency reasons why you were unable to drop your class by the refund deadline, use this form to request a refund.

ReadmissionIf you have been away from Lane for more than four quarters, please complete the readmission process.

Request for Residency Complete this web form to request a change in residency status.

Student's Social Security Number/Tax ID
Providing your Social Security Number is voluntary. However, Lane cannot provide financial aid or tax information (1098T) without your SSN on file. If you need to add your SSN, you may do so with this form.

Transcript Request - At this time please use the National Student Clearinghouse to request your transcript.

Transfer Credits from Another Institution - This tool, used with assistance of Counseling/Advising helps students evaluate prior college work. If your institution is not represented, please email the degree evaluators. Please submit an official transcript to Enrollment Services.

Under 18 Student and Parent/Guardian Consent Form If you are under age 18, you and a parent/guardian will need to fill out this form before registering. You can also find out more information about students under age 18 at Lane.

Additional Form Information

Student Information Release (Password)

For your convenience, the following form is available in myLane, under Enrollment and Student Financial Services, Student Records.

  • Student Information Release (Password) (see Release of Records )  This allows you to set a Release Password for someone close to you, such as a family member, to allow discussion of registration, holds, account information, and financial aid with college staff in those departments. Be Careful! This form also allows you to set a "Confidentiality Hold" by stating NO Directory Information, including whether you are in our database at all, may be released without a password. 

Name Change

The following form must be submitted with photo id to Enrollment Services:

  • Name Change (for legal name changes) - At the bottom of this form, upload documentation and click "submit", and Enrollment Services staff will complete your name change, usually by the next business day. Be aware that you may have your student email address changed, as this is based on <lastname><firstinitial>@my.lanecc.edu. Your email inbox, etc, and your password will remain the same. 

Course Form Information

The following forms are available at the relevant department and must be submitted directly to Enrollment Services by the department:

  • Course Equivalency
    This form is filled out by the relevant department to indicate a class you have taken is equivalent to a current requirement for your degree or certificate.
  • Course Substitution
    This form is filled out by the relevant department to indicate a class you have taken will be an acceptable substitution to a current requirement for your degree or certificate.