Music Technology Lab and Classroom

close up of a portable sound recording mixer

LCC's Music Technology Lab is one of the most highly developed and integrated Music Technology Labs in the nation! Our students enjoy virtually unlimited lab time to work in the Music Technology Lab. The music technology courses can serve as a springboard into the newly designed Audio Engineering sequence of classes which is taught in the Recording Studio.

Through creative projects, students explore MIDI music production, audio recording and editing with an integrated software application, movie soundtrack creation and sync, mixing, digital effects, software plug-in signal processors and instruments, and the process of creating an individual creative project in a powerful Music Workstation.

Each of the Music Technology Lab's 21 Workstations include:

instructor's workstation music classroom
  • Mackie 1604 VLZ Mixing Console
  • 48 point patch bay
  • Korg Triton LE Keyboard
  • Access Virus-C Synthesizer
  • Roland Sound Canvas General MIDI Module
  • Lexicon MPX-500 Signal Processor
  • MOTU Digital Performer
  • MOTU MIDI Express MIDI Interface (8 ports)
  • MOTU 896 Digital Audio Interface (24-bit/96Khz)
  • Mac Quad Core Desktops, 2 HD's, 2 optical drives)
  • 23" flat panel displays
  • iMovie
  • Spectrasonics Stylus RMX
  • Finale
  • Microphone
full view of music lab classroom

All stations are tied to the room monitors, so students can present audio work during class session. The Instructor's workstation provides a large screen display for student viewing of instructor's demonstrations. The room is outfitted with quality audio monitors and will be fitted for 5.1 sound at a later date.

All workstations are tied together with OSX gigabit server. As a result, student work can be easily transferred from workstation to workstation. Each workstation can also be tied to the Recording Studio for larger acoustic sessions!

For more information about the Performing Arts Resource Center, the recording studio or the music technology lab, or to check current hours call (541) 463-5649, or stop by the Resource Center in building 6, room 128.