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Join the Aviation UAS Program and start an exciting and rewarding career in Advanced Unmanned Systems

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What you’ll earn

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, often referred to as drones, are an increasingly important part of daily life.

Associate of Applied Science

With your degree in Aviation Unmanned Aerial Systems from Lane, you can use your skills to make the world a better place while having fun flying for Search and Rescue, firefighting, inspections, environmental and wildlife protection, film-making, mapping, and more!

2 years Full-time
$24,365 Full program


  • Design, manufacture, assemble, calibrate, test, and fly custom unmanned aircraft
  • The Lane UAS Program is the most exciting and hands-on Unmanned Training Center in the Northwest, and one of the few programs in the country to train advanced UAS operations, maintenance, and flight testing and tuning
  • Learn cutting-edge 3D design and printing systems, and make your own aircraft parts
  • Understand the principles of autopilots, electronics, radio systems, flight testing, aerodynamics, and advanced sensors such as infrared and multispectral camera payloads
  • Fly exciting and technical missions with unmanned aircraft in a variety of locations
  • Become a professional pilot and gain experience flying missions such as mapping historic bridges and rivers, Search and Rescue, inspecting lumber mills, videography of events and parks, 3D modeling buildings, and artistic aerial photography
  • Obtain your FAA Remote Pilot License and become an unmanned aircraft expert


With the real-world experience and degree you obtain in our program, you’ll be prepared for a career as an UAS pilot, either working for a company or for yourself. You’ll be prepared for jobs such as a UAS inspection pilot, UAS cinema pilot, Mapping and Geospatial Information pilot, or Unmanned Systems specialist in the mining, forestry, environmental sciences, or fishing industries, among many others. You’ll have the knowledge, licenses and (optional) certificates to either work for a wide range of cutting-edge companies, or transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a bachelor's degree in a field like Geographic Information Systems, Aviation, or UAS systems.

While earning your UAS degree, you also have the option of completing a 12 credit series of electives that include aviation sciences, manufacturing, computer science, CAD software design, and other exciting and practical courses related to Unmanned Technology. When you graduate from the UAS Program at Lane, you will have the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to excel in the industry.

Stackable Certificates

You can choose to pursue either a certificate on its own, or get them as a part of your degree! If you’re pursuing the degree, you’ll earn the GIS certificate, Autopilot certificate, UAS Maintenance certificate, UAS Operator certificate, and Aerial Photography certificate as a part of your program. You will also finish your degree with your FAA Remote Pilot Small Unmanned Aircraft System License (FAA Part 107 License) and your Amateur Technician Radio License.

Aerial Photography

Career Pathways Certificate

This certificate is ideal for obtaining cutting-edge training on aerial photography with unmanned aircraft, including video and photo tricks, cinematic operations, complex environment training, and advanced equipment and aircraft experience. Obtaining this certificate gives you the tools to stand out in the industry and become an aerial photography professional.


Career Pathways Certificate

This certificate focuses on the skills and software experience needed to become a true Geospatial Information Professional. You will experience flying real-world scenarios and extremely valuable hands-on work with industry partner projects on mapping, data collection, 3D modeling, volumetric analysis, and producing professional geospatial products with precision GPS and aircraft. You will also gain experience on generating orthomosaic maps, 3D models, and other geospatial products. This certificate is extremely valuable for you to stand out in the industry and obtain quality, high-paying jobs in a GIS field.

UAS Autopilot

Career Pathways Certificate

This certificate is one of the only autopilot training certificates in the country. You will gain crucial experience working hands-on with several different industry-standard autopilot systems, the ground control and flight software and hardware, and fly simulations and real-world missions on multirotor, VTOL, and fixed wing aircraft in a variety of scenarios. This certificate trains you to become a true UAS professional, and gives you cutting-edge experience with flight operations and flight testing and tuning. These are critical skillsets in the industry today, and you can command higher paying jobs with this valuable experience.

Commercial UAS Operator

Career Pathways Certificate

This certificate offers the hands-on pilot training that this program is so well known for. You will gain diverse experience from fully-autonomous operations, hand-flying a variety of quality fixed wing, VTOL, and multirotor aircraft, and true aviation skills that will set you apart from other pilots. This is one of the core certificates in the parent UAS degree, and you will be a true aviator when you complete this certificate. Employers generally require this training for any job in this industry, and completing this certificate is an extremely valuable component of your degree at Lane.

UAS Maintenance

Career Pathways Certificate

This certificate is the second critical component of training for modern UAS professionals. We give every student three different kits to build and keep as part of your degree in the UAS Program. These cutting-edge aircraft give you the hands-on experience and skills to manufacture, build, assemble, program, and test fly your own aircraft using aviation-standard procedures. This is the most fun, immersive, and industry-relevant way to learn aviation skillsets on manufacture, maintenance, and testing and tuning of UAS. We are the only program in the country that gives each student three different kits to build and keep as part of their degree. Graduates with this experience command very well-paying jobs.

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Students with some drones

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