Audits-Financial Reports

​Financial reports are produced to show how money entrusted to the College is acquired and how it is spent. These reports are reviewed by decision makers to help determine financial priorities, and by bond rating agencies to evaluate the financial position of the College. You can view information about the College’s fiscal management in the reports below, which are intended for use by the general public.

Annual reports

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (Annual Report):

The Annual Report consists of three sections: Introductory, Financial and Statistical. The Introductory section orients and guides the reader through the report. The Financial section presents the College’s basic financial statements as well as notes to the statements and the independent auditors’ report. The Statistical section provides additional financial and statistical data, including data about financial trends that may better inform the reader about the College's activities.

KLCC-FM Radio of Lane Community College (KLCC) annual report:

This is an annual financial report that provides financial information for KLCC for two fiscal years. It contains detailed financial schedules and explanation of those schedules as well as financial statements.

Federal grant compliance annual report:

The Federal grant compliance annual report provides a record of the College's compliance with all the rules and regulations of each grant award. Required components of an audit include such things as financial statements and records, expenditures, and internal controls. It includes a report from the College's financial auditors about the College's compliance.

Bonds and other debt

The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board provides materials to the public free of charge on the Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) system to assist and inform potential investors in College issued debt. The College is listed as 'LANE CMNTY COLLEGE ORE'. EMMA contains documents related to debt and debt compliance, such as:

  • Official statement about the College
  • College financial reports
  • Budget documents
  • Notices of changes in bond rating
  • Notices of compliance with debt agreements
  • Auditor opinion


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