Vision, Mission, and Values

Our mission, vision, and values help us focus on what we want to accomplish, how we'll know if we're successful, and how we'll help students achieve their dreams.


Transforming lives through learning.


Lane is the Community’s college. We provide quality, comprehensive, accessible, inclusive, learning-centered educational opportunities that promote equitable student success.



  • Working together to create a learning-centered environment
  • Recognizing and respecting the unique needs and potential of each learner
  • Fostering a culture of achievement in a caring community


  • Welcoming, valuing and promoting diversity among staff, students and our community
  • Cultivating a respectful, inclusive, and accessible working and learning environment
  • Working effectively in different cultural contexts to serve the educational and linguistic needs of a diverse community
  • Developing capacity to understand issues of difference, power, and privilege


  • Supporting creativity, experimentation, and institutional transformation
  • Responding to environmental, technological, and demographic changes
  • Anticipating and responding to internal and external challenges in a timely manner
  • Acting courageously, deliberately, and systematically in relation to change

Collaboration and Partnership

  • Promoting meaningful participation in governance
  • Encouraging and expanding partnerships with organizations and groups in our community


  • Fostering an environment of respect, fairness, honesty, and openness
  • Promoting responsible stewardship of resources and public trust


  • Strategically growing learning opportunities
  • Minimizing financial, geographical, environmental, social, linguistic, and cultural barriers to learning


  • Integrating practices that support and improve the health of systems that sustain life
  • Providing an interdisciplinary learning environment that builds understanding of sustainable ecological, social, and economic systems, concern for environmental justice, and the competence to act on such knowledge
  • Equipping and encouraging all students and staff to participate actively in building a socially diverse, just, and sustainable society, while cultivating connections to local, regional, and global communities