Placement Testing Information

As a new student to Lane, you will need to take English and Math placement tests online. All students take the Accuplacer ESL placement test. This English test places students into both the ESL and credit writing courses.

We recommend that you take the placement test seriously since it will determine the classes you will take. Please take the time to review the content of the test and be well rested before taking the test.

English Placement Test Information

The Accuplacer ESL placement test consists of four parts: ESL Language Skills, ESL Listening, ESL Reading Skills, and WritePlacer. The placement test is a computer-based test, it normally takes about 2-3 hours to complete. Dictionaries are not allowed. You must use an English keyboard to type the test.

Practice tests are available!

Depending on your scores, you will be placed in the appropriate English classes. The class sequence is shown below:

ESL Level A-F -----> EL 113/WR 093 -----> WR 115 -----> WR 121

Math Placement Test

Students who place into credit classes will be required to take the math placement test. Math placement tests prior to enrollment are mandatory at Lane.

When you take the test, you will have paper and pencil. A calculator will appear on the screen when you are allowed to use it.

Two resources are available to help you prepare for the placement test:

Math Review Resources are available!

A web-based app is also available!

Math Sequence at Lane

Math sequences at Lane depend on your major. Your advisor will be able to assist you in choosing the best path for you!