Global Graphic Design Pathway in Dunedin, New Zealand

Graphic Design 2+1 Pathway. Lane Community College two years. Otago Polytechnic 1 year

Lane is proud to partner with Otago Polytechnic School of design in Dunedin, New Zealand. Students who pursue this global pathway will spend two years studying pre-requisites at Lane Community College before heading across the Pacific ocean to finish their last year of graphic design study in New Zealand!

About Otago Polytechnic

Otago Polytechnic School of Design has been given the highest possible quality ratings from its government. They are well-known for producing work ready and solution focused graduates that employers are eager to hire. Students love their time at Otago Polytechnic and it is not hard to see why!

  • 94% overall student satisfaction
  • 96% of graduates are either employed or undertaking further study.
  • 1:16 average teacher-to-student ratio
  • 20+ Dedicated support staff
  • #1 for qualification completion rate in New Zealand.


Otago Polytechnic’s 2+1 partner campus is located in Dunedin, New Zealand, in the southwest part of the country. With over 30,000 students living in the area, Dunedin is one of the most popular student cities in New Zealand and an ideal home for the campus.

  • Modern, lively campus right in the heart of the city.
  • Historic and sophisticated, with gothic architecture, stunning natural beauty, and rare wildlife.
  • Highly ranked for quality of life, affordability, and safety.
  • Recreational opportunities such as skiing, boating, hiking and more.
  • Fun and vibrant community with a thriving arts and music culture.

Transfer Requirements

Lane advisers will meet with you throughout your first two years to plan and ensure that you are on track to complete your Graphic Design Associate's degree in two years. We will also guide you throughout the application process to Otago Polytechnic and help you get your visa. Completion of the listed courses will earn a student an Associates of Applied Science in Graphic Design from Lane.

  • Completed application to Otago Polytechnic by the required deadline in your second year.
  • G.P.A. of 3.0 upon graduation
  • Submission of professional portfolio
  • Completion of Associates of Applied Science in Graphic Design from Lane (See Coursework for specific class requirements)


Lane Community College General Education Coursework

  • WR 121
  • MTH 60 or Higher
  • HE/PE
  • Science/Math/Computer Science
  • Human Relations

Lane Community College Discipline Studies

  • Art 115 Basic Design Fundamentals
  • GD 110 Introduction to Graphic Design
  • ART 131 Introduction to Drawing
  • Art 216 Digital Design Tools
  • MUL 105 Digital Photography
  • ARH 200 Graphic Design History
  • ART 119 Typography
  • ART 231 Drawing: Intermediate
  • ART 225 Digital Illustration
  • ART 116 Basic Design: Color
  • MUL 212 Digital Imaging
  • Any ART of Multimedia class
  • ART 221 Graphic Design 1
  • ART 227 Graphic Design Production 1
  • MUL 220 Intermediate Typography
  • ART 222 Graphic Design 2
  • ART 228 Graphic Design Production 2
  • ART 289 Web Production
  • ART 280GD Co-op Ed: Graphic Design
  • ART 223 Graphic Design 3
  • ART 229 Graphic Design Production 3
  • MUL 205 Design Studio
  • ART 290 Designs Concepts for the web

Otago Polytechnic Coursework

  • Strategic Design
  • Communication Design Studio 2
  • Communication Design Studio 3
  • Negotiated Research Project
  • Communication Design Studio 4
  • Professional Presentation
  • Interdisciplinary Studio 3

Cost of Attendance

Lane Community College

(Estimate based on a 9 month academic year)

Tuition and Fees: $10,500 USD
Books & Living Expenses: $8,900 USD
Health Insurance: $1,200 USD
Total Estimated Costs per Academic Year at Lane: $20,600 USD

Note: This is an estimate for one year at approximately 15 credits per term, Fall, Winter and Spring. Students in this program will be at Lane for two years at this cost.

Otago Polytechnic

(Estimate for one calendar year. Currency Exchange Rate 1 USD: .1.52 NZD)

Tuition and Fees: $15,753 USD
Living Expenses: $9,882 USD
Insurance: $395 USD
Total Estimated Costs per Academic Year at Otago Polytechnic: $25,910 USD

Benefits of 2+1 with Otago Polytechnic

Participating in a Global Pathways program will not only change how you view the world, but there are many practical advantages as well!

  • Save time and money by earning two degrees in just three years.
  • Deepen your global perspective by experiencing North American and Oceanic cultures
  • All classes taught in English
  • Expand your network of resources and references across the U.S. and New Zealand!
  • Strong links with industry
  • Additional year of honours post-graduate study available to gain greater depth of knowledge and expertise. Overall grade of "B+" average in final year of undergraduate study required.