OHP Information

Now accepting patients with OHP

How to become an OHP patient of the LCC Dental Clinic

LCC Dental Clinic is now accepting insurance through the Oregon Health Plan. The LCC Dental Clinic is a provider with Advantage Dental Plan (OHP).

If you are currently a member of the Oregon Health Plan (OHP), you can assign LCC Dental Clinic to become your dental services provider.

Follow these 3 simple steps to complete the process:

Step 1:

If you are already assigned to Advantage, SKIP Step 1.

Call OHP at (800) 273-0557 if you are NOT currently assigned to Advantage, and request to be covered by the Advantage Dental Plan.

Step 2:

Call Advantage Dental Plan at (866) 268-9631 and request that they assign you to the
LCC Dental Clinic at 2460 Willamette in Eugene as your dental care provider. They will give you a date as to when you will appear on our list of active members. Make a note of this date.

Step 3:

Call the LCC Dental Clinic at (541) 463-5206 to schedule your first appointment. Give the receptionist the date given to you by Advantage, and we will schedule your appointment for after the date given. We can begin billing OHP Advantage as soon as your name appears on our list of members.

That is it! As one of our valued OHP members, our goal is to meet all of your dental needs with excellent treatment.