Affirmative Action Cultural Compentency - Common Skills

At Lane Community College cultural competency skills are expected from new employees and current staff. The common skills listed are not exhaustive, but rather a representation of what we are seeking. If you are a candidate applying for a position at the college, it may be useful to demonstrate the common cultural competency skills in your work and personal experiences with clear and specific examples.

Common Skills:

  "In surveying different models of cultural competency, listed below are the basic set of common skills that individuals need to interact in a culturally competent manner:

  1. Being aware of one's own culture, values and biases.
  2. Being aware of and working at controlling own biases and how these may affect interactions with others.
  3. Culture-specific knowledge.
  4. Knowledge of institutional barriers that prevent some populations from accessing resources.
  5. Ability to build strong-cross-cultural relationships and to be at ease with difference.
  6. Flexibility and ability to adapt to diverse environments.
  7. Ability and willingness to be an ally to individuals who are different from oneself.
  8. Effective communication skills across differences.
  9. Able to mediate cross-cultural conflicts.

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