Early Outreach and Referral Program

What is the Early Outreach and Referral Program?

The Early Outreach program works proactively with students who have encountered academic or financial barriers towards completion of their certificate and/or degree. Early Outreach staff are trained as resource specialists and success coaches, and can connect you with campus resources and support.

Early Outreach is available to all students at Lane either in person, email or zoom appointment. The Early Outreach program is dedicated to proactive retention of students at Lane through outreach to:

A wide range of students can benefit. This includes students who are at extreme risk of not completing the course as well as those who are overwhelmed or not achieving their full potential.

Anyone concerned about a student (faculty, staff, other students, or students themselves, etc.) can refer students who would benefit from additional coaching and support. Referrals are made using our online form, see below at bottom of this page. Students may be referred due to concerns about absences, missing homework, difficulties at home, or other issues that might impact student success. Don’t worry: if you are referred, you are not in trouble. Someone who cares is paying attention and wants to make sure you are connected with resources.

In addition to providing tips for your college experience and helping with planning, Early Outreach Specialists  will connect you to any resources that may benefit you, including advising, counseling, financial aid, tutoring, and other campus and community services/resources. Emails and phone call follow-ups are built in to help ensure students successfully achieve their goals.

Early Outreach and Referral provides proactive, individualized support to encourage student success in their coursework and other aspects of college life.

Early Outreach resources and interventions include:

  • Student meetings with the Early Outreach Instructional Specialist to develop success plans
  • Referrals to advising, counseling, financial aid, and other services and resources
  • Emails, texts, and phone call follow-ups with students from the Early Outreach Instructional Specialist to help students achieve goals

Early Outreach offers assistance to students who have already run into a problem and early intervention for students in areas where a problem can be anticipated.

Interventions are designed to address events that students may encounter academically, financially, mental health wise, culturally, and situational that may prevent them from continuing with their chosen field of study and that prevent graduation from Lane Community College.  

Through Relational Intervention, Early Outreach will proactively reach out and communicate with students to establish their personal barriers and work to refer or directly intervene at the early stages of situations to prevent an increase in severity and consequence of the behavior or situation.

 Early Outreach’s system fosters a holistic view of assessment, alert, and outreach that encourages sustainable success plans.

Program Forms and Information Resources

  • Syllabus statement: use one of these statements in course syllabi or other documents that let students know about the program.

Refer a student to work with an Early Outreach coach

Anyone may refer a student to work with an Early Outreach coach! To refer a student (or, if you're a student, to ask for help yourself), please fill in the following form. You should receive a reply within 1 business day.

Should be the submitter's LCC email.
Should be the student's LCC email.
Reason for referral: