Asian and Pacific Islander Student Union (APISU)

Celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander multicultural identities, backgrounds and lived experiences at Lane Community College and beyond.

The Asian and Pacific Islander Student Union (APISU) is a space for Asian and Pacific Islander students at Lane Community College (LCC) to meet and gather to collaborate, support, learn, and encourage awareness of Asian and Pacific Islander cultures and traditions at LCC and within our community.

Advising Hours and Availability

Winter Term 2024

Week 10 Activities and Events:

  • APISU "Chaa ʻn Chat," Wednesday, March 13 (Multicultural Center, 1/206) from 1pm-2pm

    • Last Chaa ʻn Chatspace for the term, donʻt miss it!
  • "ATA: An APISU Comedy Night," Friday, March 15 (19/226 auditorium) from 3p-7:30p

    • APISU presents a great lineup of local AA/PI artists in this very special night of humanity, culture, friendship and humor that transcends ethnic and racial boundaries. Free event (tickets required for entry to show).

Week 7 Activities and Events:

  • APISU "Chaa ʻn Chat," Tuesday, February 20 (Multicultural Center, 1/206) from 1pm-2pm

    • Chaa ʻn Chat is back at the MCC this week! Join the conversation today.
  • APISU "Lunar New Year Celebration," Tuesday, February 20 (Multicultural Center, 1/206) from 12:30pm-2pm

    • Come join the students of APISU as we recognize and honor Lunar New Year as the Year of the Wood Dragon with refreshments, conversation and friendship.

Week 6 Activities and Events:

  • APISU Tabling at Lane Resource Fair, Wednesday, February 13 (CEN 2nd floor) from 10a-2p

    • Meet up with your APISU student leaders and find out about resources, membership and upcoming activities and events.
  • APISU "Chaa ʻn Chat," Wednesday, February 14 (Conference Rm, 1/212) from 1pm-2pm

    • Itʻs the day of hearts! Conversation will sway in the direction of all things related to relationships and culture. Itʻs all about flower teas and chocolates today.
  • APISU "Pinoy Movie Night," Friday, February 16 (19/226 auditorium) from 3p-7:30p 

    • Enjoy a double-feature of Pilipino film-stories about family, traditions, culture, and thriving in the diaspora. Post-screening social and light refreshments. Free event (tickets required for theater entry--see APISU during Resource Fair tabling or contact

Week 5: APISU "Chaa ʻn Chat," Tuesday, Feb 6 from 1pm-2pm (Multicultural Center, 1/206).

The conversation continues this term over tea, senbei and other snacks. Come join us!

Week 4: APISU "Chaa and Chat", Tuesday, January 30 from 1pm-2pm (Multicultural Center, 1/206)

Engaging conversations of the college experience with being multicultural and multiethnic as Asian and Pacific Islanders. How do we navigate where we are in this space/time and how we define our own meaning of success in relationship with ourselves, each other, families and communities? All are welcome. Light refreshments.

Week 3: APISU & NASA Chili Cookoff and Movie Night: Thursday, January 25 from 3p-7p (Longhouse)

Students of Native American Student Association (NASA) and Asian and Pacific Islander Student Union (APISU) welcome meetup for Winter term 2024.

Week 2: APISU Tabling at Lane Resource Fair: Tuesday, January 16, 10a-2p (CEN 2nd Floor)

Visit, meet, and chat it up with student leaders to find out what events and activities APISU student union has planned for Winter Term 2024.

Week 1: Winter Welcome Week: APISU "U-be Welcome in Winter Term," MONDAY, JANUARY 8, 10:00am-2:00pm (Center Bldg, 2nd Floor)

The student leaders of Asian and Pacific Islander Student Union (APISU) invite you to come stop by on this very special first-day-of-term tabling event. Serving up "ube champorado"--a deliciously warm pudding made with sweet rice, chocolate and purple yam--the perfect winter morning snack on your way to- or from- your class in-person at main campus. Find our more about APISU and upcoming events and how you can be part of it. Weʻll see you then!

APISU Student Leadership Roster: 2023-2024

Current leadership roster (as of Winter 2024)

Erin Caracol--Event Logistics Lead (Academic/Career Path: Graphic Design)

Addy Fulks--Communications and Outreach Lead (Academic/Career Path: English/Comparative Lit, Linguistics)

Aril Lara--Activities and Engagement (Academic/Career Path: Family and Human Services)

APISU is seeking motivated student leaders for these current open positions:

OPEN--Support for Activities and Engagement

OPEN--Volunteer Coordination Lead

APISU is always looking for highly motivated students committed to learning, developing and practicing their leadership skills in synergistic lead/supportive roles at the Asian and Pacific Islander Student Union (APISU) campus student organization. All currently enrolled and registered students are encouraged to apply. Please send your letter of interest by email to Kumu Iwalani Raes at

Past Events

Fall Term 2023

Traditional Crafts: Parol for the Holidays (Craft Workshop), Tuesday, November 14 @ 1:00pm-3:30pm (in-person), Multicultural Center

Your APISU leadership team is excited to share the how-toʻs and the whyʻs of this Filipino traditional craft for the holiday season. Learn how to make it or as a special one-of-a-kind gift from the stars up above. APISU supplies all the materials, you bring the enthusiasm and good energy. Meet new people, engage in meaningful conversation. Light refreshments served. Limited capacity so register early to secure your spot by emailing and type "Parol Workshop" in the subject heading.

WEEK 5: Pinoy Potluck: Monday, October 23, 2023 @ 12pm-2pm (Multicultural Center, Bldg 1, Room 206)

Join us at the MCC for a fun-filled campus gathering! Weʻll have music, displays, games, open-mic karaoke, mahjong, and more! Bring an entree or dessert enough to share with five or six people. APISU will provide drinks, steamed rice, utensils, plates, and activities. Together, weʻll all bring the fun!

Week 5: Film Screenings, October 23 and 24 (Multicultural Center 1/206).

Join fellow students at the Multicultural Center for two days of focused film screenings as we round out the final week of October in celebration of Filipino American History Month:

Week 5: Monday, October 23 @ 12pm-12:30pm: Ameri-Pino: Recognizing Filipino Heritage in America

As a multi‐ethnic American of Filipino heritage, Patrick uses a cine‐ethnographic approach to discover what it is to be an American Filipino. Beginning in Las Vegas, Nevada, we are introduced to Aurelio Dela Cruz, a first generation Filipino and American World War II veteran. Aurelio’s description of Filipino identity through bloodline and family togetherness leads to interviews of Caesar Elpidio and Luke Perry, hosts of radio talk show, the “Two Guys Show” and observation of the first Briones family reunion outside of the Philippines. Returning to Los Angeles, California, Patrick narrows the quest of individual American Filipino identity with visits to heritage sites in Historic Filipino town and personal experience interviews of his father, Patrick Gadut, Sr. and friend, Gwen Velasco. Despite the generational struggles of heritage recognition, hyphenated identity, and discovery of ethnic discrimination, Ameri‐Pino reveals the strengths of the American Filipino community.

Week 5: Tuesday, October 24 @ 2:30pm-3:00pm: Silent Sacrifices: Voices of the Filipino American Family.

An insightful study of Filipino American family dynamics and psychologies, Silent Sacrifices delves into the cultural conflicts Filipino immigrants and their American-born children encounter on a daily basis. Frank discussions between teens, young adults and their parents reveal how issues of ethnic identity and opposing Filipino and American values contribute to youths' bouts with depression, parenting difficulties and inter-generational misunderstandings. Intent on breaking the silence that allows dysfunctions to develop, the documentary and its accompanying educational guide offer an invaluable starting point for enhancing family communication within one of the country's fastest growing demographics.

WEEK 2: Multicultural Center & APISU honor Filipino-American History Month

Events and activities throughout the month of October!

Come celebrate and honor Filipino American History Month with special events and activities planned by the student leaders of the Asian and Pacific Islander Student Union (APISU) this month. Events will be posted here as they become available.

The Multicultural Center will feature the Filipino flag and offer various events and activities that feature language, culture, arts, film and literature of the Filipino people. With over 7,000 islands in the archipelago, the Philippines has an extremely rich and vast cultural landscape. We are honored to share in the celebration of this rich heritage of the Filipinos at Lane. Find out more by engaging with APISU at the Multicultural Center!

WEEK 1: Multicultural Center & APISU honor Hawaiian History Month

Wednesday, September 27, 3:00pm-4:30pm (Multicultural Center, Bldg 1, Room 206).

Come celebrate and recognize Hawaiian History Month with a special film screening event at the Multicultural Center of "The Waterman" narrated by Jason Momoa.

Duke Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola Kahanamoku, more well-known around the world as Duke Kahanamoku, was a gold medalist Olympic swimmer and brought global awareness and recognition to the sport of surfing. During an incident at Newport Beach in California where a fishing vessel capsized, Duke Kahanamoku rescued the vesselʻs crew by using his surfboard. This act led to "lifeguards across the country to begin using surfboards as standard equipment for water rescues" (Wikipedia).

Learn more about the legacy of Kanaka Maoli like Duke Kahanamoku and their significant contributions to world history and sports in this film that is sure to stimulate lively conversations, shed new information, and shift perspectives about Hawaiʻi that youʻve never known before. Light refreshments.

Fall 2023: Welcome, New and Returning APISU Students

We look forward to welcoming you to Lane campus beginning Fall term 2023 during Lane Campus Welcome (Weeks 1-3) where we will be tabling at one of three locations each week: either outdoors at Center Plaza, Multicultural Center office (Bldg 1, Room 206) or at the Center Building (2nd floor) to greet you to a fresh new academic year 2023/2024.

Connect with our campus Asian and Pacific Islander Student Union (APISU) and share your ideas to help plan a great and engaging year ahead. We are looking to fill APISU leadership positions this academic year, as well. Your voice and vision matters!

If you have any questions or would like to connect with the APISU Advisor, please email Kumu Iwalani Raes at You can also schedule a 30-min introductory virtual meeting via Zoom by clicking the Advising Hours and Availability link above.

Spring Term 2023

"Asian and Pacific Islander Community Multicultural Celebration 2023"

Friday, June 2 @ 4:00pm-7:00pm, (Kalapuya Longhouse, Bldg 31, LCC main campus). Join the student leaders of Laneʻs Asian and Pacific Islander Student Union and the A/PI community with a multicultural celebration and gathering this Spring term. Featuring music, arts, food, crafts, and cultural performances by Lane campus community--APISU leaders and International Program students, student leaders from 4J, and a very special taiko drumming presentation by UO Ahiru Daiko. Volunteers needed. For info, please contact Asian and Pacific Islander Programs coordinator at

Click here for June 2 event flyer.

Saturday, April 22 @ 10am-3pm, APISU "Spring Leadership Wellness Retreat 2023." Welcoming leaders involved in student and campus organizations who hold one or more leadership roles and responsibilities. Workshops on community building, self- and group care, creating a space for mindful communication and effective leadership, and more. Please contact Asian and Pacific Islander Programs coordinator at

LCC and 4J Schools Family Night at the Multicultural Center.

Friday, April 21 @ 3:30pm-5:30pm. Student leaders of Asian and Pacific Islander Student Unions in various 4J middle schools and high schools, along with their families, meet and connect for this special event at the Multicultural Center this Spring term. For info, please contact Asian and Pacific Islander Programs coordinator at

Ka Pā Hula O Nā Kama O Kalapuya Hula Practice. 

For info on schedule and class location, please contact Asian and Pacific Islander Programs coordinator at

Winter Term 2023

LCC NASA Powwow 2023

Saturday, April 1 @ 11am-8pm Native American Student Association (NASA) and Asian and Pacific Islander Student Union (APISU) student leaders collaborate together with the help and guidance of the areaʻs local Native American community to plan and coordinate the annual NASA powwow at main campus this year. Featuring a very special Hula Kahiko presentation by the student leaders of NASA and APISU under the direction of Kumu Iwalani Raes during the powwow dinner hour at Titan Coliseum. Visit the NASA Info Booth at the main powwow entrance in Bldg 5 for the dayʻs schedule, raffle tickets, powwow t-shirts for purchase, and more information.

APISU Pre-Finals Self-Care Focus

Thursday, March 16 @ 12pm-2pm (Multicultural Center, 1/206). Come join APISU members for a fun campus community gathering featuring some self-care strategies and some great peer support. APISU student members will hold short workshops and interactive sessions to guide you through simple mindfulness exercises and techniques to support you for studying for finals. Weʻll have games, music, snacks, self-care activities, swag and goodies. MCC also offers coffee, tea, and hot apple cider.

ʻUke Jam at the MCC

Winter 2023: Wednesdays @ 3pm-4pm. (Multicultural Center, 1/206). Campus community music and cultural engagement. Meet up in 1/206 main space. First meet-up on March 8 and continues till end of term.

Hula 1

Winter 2023: Wednesdays @ 4pm-5pm. (Multicultural Center, 1/206) will cover traditional Hawaiian storytelling through dance, chant, and language in the two main classifications of Hawaiian movement arts today for an upcoming campus presentation in Spring term. Appropriate Garment: Bring a full-size fabric sarong/pareo or a traditional paʻū to wear for practice. Please contact Kumu Iwalani Raes at for more information.

Campus Conversations by APISU

Winter 2023: Thursdays @ 12pm-1:30pm. (Multicultural Center, 1/206) is an on-going student-led activity held weekly this term on Thursdays from 12:00pm-1:30pm at the Multicultural Center (Bldg 1, Room 206). Campus Conversations offers peer-to-peer support in a space to talk it out with friends. Coffee, tea and snacks available. Please contact Kumu Iwalani Raes at for more information.

APISU Movie Meetup

Thursday, March 9 @ 12pm-2pm. (Multicultural Center, 1/206). Come join APISU members in a fun campus community gathering with a mid-day movie screening at the Multicultural Center! Come hang out and meet new friends on-campus! MCC also offers coffee, tea, and hot apple cider and just for this week, snacks and popcorn!

Kanikapila: Conversations in Hawaiian Music

Jan 25-Mar 1: Wednesdays @ 3pm-4pm (Multicultural Center, 1/206). (CRN 31750, Hybrid) is an invitation to our Lane community of students, staff and faculty to come together to play and enjoy music. Kanikapila happens everywhere in Hawaiʻi--backyard bbqʻs, celebrations from informal to formal gatherings. Music, movement, and language is an important part of culture and communities. In Hawaiʻi, itʻs a wonderful way for family and friends to connect and create a sense of belonging through the familiar sounds of music heard through generations. We are pleased to offer this cultural campus community engagement in a hybrid format (via Zoom and in-person at the Multicultural Center main room) every Wednesday during Winter Term 2023 at 3:00pm from January 25 to March 1. Register for the Zoom link and/or to reserve your spotContact Kumu Iwalani Raes, Faculty Coordinator, Asian and Pacific Islander Programs, Multicultural Center 1/206 at

Kanikapila: Conversations in Hawaiian Mele with Guest Artist, Bernard Kalua. 

Wednesday, February 1, 15 and March 1 @ 3pm-4pm (Multicultural Center, 1/206). We are honored to welcome special guest, Bernard Kalua. Mr. Kalua, originally from Keaukaha, now lives in Waimānalo and has been an indelible part of the local Hawaiian music scene in Hawaiʻi island and Oʻahu. We are excited to have him come join us via Zoom to share his stories of Hawaiian mele and experiences as a professional musician and music mentor. Contact Kumu Iwalani Raes at for more information.

Year of the Rabbit Lunar New Year Potluck.

Thursday, February 2 @ 12pm-1:30pm (Multicultural Center, 1/206). APISU membership potluck at the Multicultural Center main gathering space to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit. Bring a dish to share. Contact Kumu Iwalani Raes at for more information.

Conversation, College and Chocolate.

Thursday, January 25 @ 12pm-1:30pm. (Multicultural Center, 1/206). Want to learn the French perspective on Marketing, International Business, Supply Chain or Finance?  Come visit us at the MCC on January 26 at 12:00 p.m. to learn about Rennes School of Businessʻ opportunities for Lane students to complete their Bachelor Degree in Business in France (yes, France!) in JUST ONE YEAR after completing an Associate Degree. Tuition costs are typically lower than in the US. The program is FAFSA eligible for Direct subsidized and unsubsidized loans.  Courses are taught in English. Not ready to fully transfer? Rennes School of Business offers a two-week summer program (also in France!) with scholarships from the French embassy focused on sustainable business. Refreshments of hot chocolate, coffee, and tea as well as sweet and savory croissants. Please contact Kumu Iwalani Raes at for more information.

Fall Term 2022

Campus Conversations by APISU is an on-going student-led activity held at the main gathering area at the Multicultural Center (Bldg 1, Room 206) this term that provides peer-to-peer support and a valuable space to share experiences of college life with fellow students. Coffee, tea and snacks available. Please contact Kumu Iwalani Raes at for more information.

E MĀLANA KĀKOU: Hula 1 tuition-free online synchronous course is an introduction to the movement fundamentals of hula: terminology, posture, basic footwork, hand/arm gestures and positioning within a wellness approach. Introduction to the two general classifications of hula--Hula Kahiko (classical) and Hula ʻAuana (contemporary) and the accompanying moʻōlelo (stories) related to Hawaiian history, mythology, chiefly leadership, notable place names, and native flora. Wednesdays, 9/28 - 11/16, 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. CRN 21751. Instructor: Kumu Iwalani Raes, Faculty F/T, Multicultural Center office and coordinator of Asian and Pacific Islander Programs.

For more information, please email or to schedule an in-person or virtual appointment via Zoom.

Contact Asian Pacific Islander Student Union (APISU)

Lane Community College
Multicultural Center - Asian and Pacific Islander American Student Program
Building 1, Room 206-B
4000 East 30th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97405-0640

Building 1, Room 206 B

Coordinador del Programa de Estudiantes Americanos de Asia y las Islas del Pacifico: Kumu Iwalani Raes: (541) 463-3245
Appointments available by phone, virtual (via Zoom) and in-person, please request via email or Google Chat at

Mon - Thur: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Friday: 8:30am - 2pm
LCC is closed on Fridays during summer term.