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Produce your future with our Music Technology and Sound Engineering program.

What you’ll earn

Music provides more than just entertainment; music is another way to communicate. As Hans Christian Andersen said, “Where words fail, music speaks.” Lane’s Music Technology & Production program will not only provide you with a foundation for your career, but also provide open opportunities for you to continue on and earn your four year degree.

Associate Degree

Do you have a passion for music and enjoy working with technology? Lane’s Music Technology & Production will teach you the skills and knowledge you’ll need for a career as a professional performer, recording artist, broadcast technician, music teacher, music producer, sound engineer, music therapist, and more! Whether you’re planning to transfer to a college or university as a music major, seeking training in music technology and commercial music production, looking to improve your skills and knowledge as a performer, or just want to enrich your life through music, the Music Technology and Production program offers courses to help you achieve your goals.

2 years full-time
$19,175 Full program


  • Through our MIDI and Audio Engineering classes, you’ll learn all about multiple DAW environments, mixing and mastering techniques, signal processing, editing audio, MIDI sequencing, analog and digital signal routing, synthesizer basics and synthesizer pat
  • Through recording classes, music theory classes, lessons, and performance opportunities you’ll learn to collaborate with musicians, recording engineers, and other audio professionals.
  • Your theory and performance classes will develop your as a musician, improve your sense of ensemble music making, develop your music ear, understand the rich history of musical genres, and help you apply theory and analysis to your work.


Your degree will provide you with instruction in music technology and audio engineering, with a supporting emphasis in music performance and musicianship. Whether you want to start your career in the music or broadcasting industry, or if you want to start your own business, you’ll be ready. If you’re interested in furthering your education, you’ll work with an advisor to develop a transfer plan to apply your courses to further studies in music technology or electronic music.

Stackable Certificates

By carefully picking which classes you take, you can add a Career Pathways Certificate to your degree. These certificates can help you stand out, and tailor the degree to your interests! You can also pursue the one-year certificate in MIDI Production and/or the two-year certificate in MIDI and Audio Production on their own. If you decide to come back to complete the two-year degree in Music Technology & Production, your courses from these certificates will count towards your degree, making your next step seamless.

MIDI and Audio Production

Career Pathways Certificate

Two-year certificate in MIDI and Audio Production (35 credits), which builds upon MIDI Production foundations with training in audio recording and editing software, hardware and techniques, including advanced audio production concepts such as creating audio for video, microphone techniques, mixing, and basic mastering.

MIDI Production

Career Pathways Certificate

One-year certificate in MIDI Production (18 credits), which develops familiarity with MIDI software, MIDI hardware, and foundations of music production including basic audio production concepts such as file management, mixing, and basic recording.

Not sure which is for you? Learn more about the types of degrees & certificates Lane has to offer.

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Scholarship Opportunities

Every year we give over $40,000 in scholarships to help support students in our program. Students can apply for Private Music Scholarships, Ensemble Talent Grants, and Individual Lesson Awards. Interested? Learn more about our scholarships

Assessment, Orientation, and Advising

Planning on starting in the fall? Once you’ve completed the Steps to Enroll, make sure you come to the music New Student Orientation for information on our programs, performance opportunities, scholarships and more!

If you’re planning on being a music technology and production major, you’ll need to meet with Hisao Watanabe every year to make sure you’re on the right track. To schedule an appointment, please contact Hisao at:

Hisao Watanabe
Building 6/142

If you are planning on transferring as a music major and want to enroll in the music core curriculum, you will need to take the Music Theory Assessment, which will determine your readiness for this curriculum. Learn more about the Music Theory Assessment.

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