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Have you ever noticed how some people are able and willing to get along with those who are different than them? And, then we have other people in our society who see difference as scary, dangerous, or threatening. Why is this? In Ethnic Studies classes, we strive to answer the “why” questions.

Transfer Interest Area


Lane’s Ethnic Studies transfer interest area strives to provide for the interdisciplinary and comparative study of the histories, experiences, and issues stemming from power differentials, colonial settler trends, and socially constructed notions of identity and ability. The discipline focuses on the strategic development of whiteness, and the major racial and ethnic groups of the United States whom have been marginalized from the dominant cultural narrative: Americans of African and Asian descent, Chicanas/os and Latinas/os, and the indigenous peoples of the Americas, Caribbean, and Pacific Islands. In addition, Ethnic Studies provides space for students to critically analyze intersections of race and ethnicity with other variables such as, but not exclusive to: gender spectrum identity, sexuality, disability, class, nationalism, and globalization.

2 years full-time
$15,408 Full program


  • Analyze historical and contemporary scholarship on racial and ethnic inequality
  • Recognize the intersectionality aspects of oppression in society
  • Examine individual and institutional power dynamics related to inequality
  • Question existing internal prejudices and biases using self-reflection
  • Describe one’s sense of self in relation to others
  • Connect with other students to complete shared academic tasks
  • Explain one’s own worldviews compared with the worldviews of others, and how both worldviews fit in the larger context of society
  • Summarize discipline-related information found in various delivery methods, such as speech, audiovisual, digital, and written and non-written communication
  • Produce work that reflects on the interdisciplinary nature of the discipline
  • Show an understanding of the issues, ethical implications, and methods surrounding activism, collaborative engagement, and community-based action
  • Compare and contrast theoretical concepts with experiential behavior


Earning your Associate of Arts, Oregon Transfer (AAOT) degree at Lane with a focus in ethnic studies will provide you with the credits you need to transfer to leading four year institutions for more in-depth study. Our AAOT degree offers you the flexibility to choose courses that interest you while meeting university lower division general education requirements. Once enrolled, you’ll work with your advisor to build a degree plan specific to your goals.

As community-oriented scholars, the faculty in the Ethnic Studies Program at Lane Community College believe in our commitment to social justice, diversity, inclusion, scientific inquiry, and academic freedom. We reject bigotry and discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexuality, veteran status, disability, political orientation, and documentation status. We stand in solidarity with and will actively support students and colleagues who face such discrimination. We hold strongly to the principle that anti-racist scientific examination of empirical evidence, in conjunction with interdisciplinary concepts and theoretical frameworks are the foundations for reasoned discussion of the problems and solutions that plague our society. This discussion must be open and mutually respectful of diverse perspectives. We also support and advocate for the analysis of the complex interplay between individuals and society that structures inequalities, constraints, and opportunities. Our purpose is to foster open and mutually respectful discussions that contribute to a just society. Our determination to these ideals through our scholarship, teaching, and service is unwavering.


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