LCC Foundation Scholarships Offered

2024/2025 Scholarships Offered by Recipient Names

(Scholarship Name and ID# will be included in this list)

How to Accept or Decline a Scholarship Offer

All scholarships offered by the Foundation will be listed on the link above. An online confirmation and thank you to your donor will be required to receive your scholarship funds.

Write down your Scholarship Name and Scholarship ID#, from the "Scholarships Offered by Recipient Names" document link above, before you start your confirmation form. If you have been offered more than one scholarship, you must complete a separate confirmation for each scholarship. We cannot process your reply without this information. Also, review the Eligibility Requirements for your scholarship/s. Full-time enrollment is required for most scholarships, as well as maintaining satisfactory academic progress. Some scholarships require acceptance into specific programs. Enrollment will be verified before any scholarship funds are released in the fall.

Email notifications are sent to students who have been offered scholarships via their Lane issued email. Offers not accepted by the confirmation deadline specified in the email notification will be offered to an alternate.

If you do not plan to accept the scholarship offer, please complete the form below to decline your offer. This will let us know the scholarship is available to offer to another student. To accept or decline your offer, please use the "Accept or Decline Your Offer" button below.

The confirmation must be submitted by the deadline specified in your email notification.

Use this link to Accept or Decline Your Offer:

Accept or Decline Your Offer

Note: Scholarships may be used at Lane Community College and are not transferable to any other institution. Enrollment and eligibility will be verified each term before any scholarship funds are released. Students who do not enroll at Lane for fall term will automatically forfeit their scholarship. Scholarships will not be held for a future academic year.

Students must complete the online confirmation and donor thank you letter to finalize their scholarship and to avoid having the award offered to an alternate.

The LCC Foundation Office sends the list of recipients to Financial Aid toward the end of the Summer Term. It is possible scholarship awards will not be visible in student MyLane accounts until the second week of September (Fall Term). Awards may be listed under the generic title of "General Foundation Scholarship" in the student account.

Foundation Scholarship money will be applied to student accounts in three equal installments (Fall/Winter/Spring). Funds are typically disbursed at the same time as Financial Aid, beginning the second Thursday of each term, and in most cases, disbursement occurs every Thursday thereafter, as awards become ready for payment. You can view this information via MyLane. Some scholarships require acceptance into a specific program. Acceptance will be verified before any scholarship funds are approved.

LCC Foundation Scholarship Contact:

Important: Students who have scholarship questions should email from their Lane issued email account. Please include your name, L #, and phone number.

Has Your Contact Information Changed?

The LCC Foundation is a separate legal entity from the college and we have a separate database. Updating your contact information through the college's MyLane does not update our records. If your email address, home address, or phone number changes, please notify us by sending an email to: