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Advanced Technology

Preparing individuals for the rapidly changing demands of "high tech" industries.

Advanced Technology provides cutting edge technical training to prepare you for a professional trades career. Every AT program works with LaneCC Cooperative Education to offer you hands on experience in a relevant industry, business or government agency.

You will also earn one of the following degrees or certificates:

  • 2 year Assoc. of Applied Science Degree
  • 1 year Certificate of Completion
  • Career Pathways Certificate

Every Advanced Technology program offers "hands on" experience in business, industry and government agencies through Cooperative Education. Two-year associate of applied science degrees, and/or one-year certificates of completion are offered in these programs.

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Apprentices learn the aspects of a highly skilled profession through on-the-job training and related classroom instruction, while being sponsored by individual employers. There's a wide range of occupations available, from carpenter to electrician. Apprenticeships usually last 2 to 4 years with a minimum of 144 hours of related training required per year for most trades.

Benefits of Apprenticeship:

  • Paid employment during training with progressive wage increases
  • Opportunity to learn skills needed by employers throughout the industry
  • A more secure career and the ability to adapt to new job requirements
  • Credit towards an AAS degree or Certificate for completion of an apprenticeship program

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