Equity and Inclusion

access, equity, inclusion venn diagram


Access is opportunity for everyone who wishes to participate in the college.


Equity is fair and just opportunities for all employees and students to reach their academic and professional potential.


Inclusion is a sense of belonging as a valued member of decision-making and life of the college.

As a college we pursue equity through an inclusive and intersectional approach to diversity, with a focus on becoming a higher performing organization, and producing outcomes that serve the needs of the entire college population.
Lane is dedicated to ensuring access, equity, and inclusion across all areas of campus in order to recruit, support, welcome, and retain a truly diverse staff and student body.

Our efforts are integrated into the college’s Planning and Institutional Effectiveness where they are embodied in the stated value of Diversity, which is defined as:

  • Welcoming, valuing and promoting diversity among staff, students and our community
  • Cultivating a respectful, inclusive, and accessible working and learning environment
  • Working effectively in different cultural contexts to serve the educational and linguistic needs of a diverse community
  • Developing capacity to understand issues of difference, power, and privilege

To ensure we realize our stated college values and actualize access, equity, and inclusion across the college, we are building and implementing an Equity Lens and identifying and supporting best practices for equity-related initiatives with a strong commitment to equal employment and educational opportunity in all activities, programs, and services. 

Land Acknowledgement

"I’d like to start our meeting with the acknowledgment that the land we are on is the traditional homelands of the Kalapuya people. The Kalapuya were stewards of this very land for over 14,000 years before their traditional way of life was forever disrupted and destroyed. We start our meeting with humility and reverence for the original inhabitants, the Kalapuya."

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