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Graphic Design


What you’ll earn

Graphic Design is everywhere. From the webpage on your screen, to the phone in your hands, to the box the phone came in; design influences every aspect of our daily lives. The Graphic Design Program at Lane Community College is a nationally award-winning program that will launch your graphic design career in branding, advertising, web design, illustration, page-layout, packaging design, and production for digital and print. Regardless of where you want to go with your career, Lane will give you the experience and network that you’ll need for today’s competitive job market.

Associate Degree

As a student in the Graphic Design Program, you’ll learn both the theory and production of graphic design. You’ll be a member of an inclusive, close-knit cohort, where team-building skills are enhanced and strong bonds are formed. In our classes, you’ll learn branding, advertising, web design, illustration, page-layout, packaging design, and production for digital and print media.

Graphic design requires you to be a well-rounded designer; with the ability to work with many different mediums to create successful designs that effectively communicate your message. Each project in the Graphic Design program will help you grow as a designer and develop your ability to address the design world head on.

2 years Full-time
$18,295 Full program


  • Design a variety of graphic materials
  • Create effective, visually appealing communications
  • Become well-versed in art, communication and marketing principles
  • Learn to research and solve design problems
  • Learn commercial art creation and illustration
  • Learn type design, page layout, and typography
  • Be proficient in Image manipulation and editing of raster images in Photoshop
  • Demonstrate vector and line art creation and editing through Adobe Illustrator
  • Design and layout pages using Adobe InDesign


Graduates of the Graphic Design Program at Lane have a very high placement rate of 70-80% into full-time jobs. While some students choose to pursue a four-year degree at a university, most get work right out of the two-year program at Lane. Many have gone on to become senior designers, creative directors, art directors, or have started their own firms. Even in tough economic times, employers always need someone who can make their message stand out. Trained designers are always in demand.

Stackable Credentials

With just a few more classes, you can stack additional certificates on top of your Graphic Design degree to stand out even further from the crowd.

Web Design

1-yr Certificate

If you’re ready to take your web design skills to the next level, consider adding the Web Design Certificate! On top of the design skills you’ll learn as part of the Graphic Design program, adding just six more classes will provide you with the instruction needed to become a frontend developer. Additional coursework in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS will prepare you to not only design web pages, but to implement them. To add this certificate, talk to the program coordinator.

Multimedia Design

1-yr Certificate

If you’re interested in video production, audio production, digital photography, or animation, with just seven more courses you can add the Multimedia Design Certificate to your degree! Design happens in many formats, and this certificate will help prove to employers that you’re a capable designer no matter the project. Through courses in computer animation, audio production, digital photography, and video production, you’ll gain the skills necessary to create dynamic and interactive works. Sound like the program for you? Learn more.

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