Student Information Release Disclaimer

Lane Community College adheres completely with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), which is a federal privacy law designed to protect your academic records. Lane employees are required to comply with this law, but this can make it challenging for parents, spouses, or anyone else who is trying to help you attend college.  We are not allowed to discuss anything other than what FERPA calls Directory Information with them, unless we have special permission from you to do so. 

You must use your confidential ExpressLane password (which is not to be shared with any other individual) to log into ExpressLane to manage the following features:

Information Release Password: 
Login to myLane to create a password to allow others to talk to us about your financial aid, account information, and registration status (holds, whether you are allowed to register, etc). 

  • It is up to you to give the password to anyone whom you would like to empower to talk with us.  They will need to offer the password, and we will check to see if it is correct before discussing these items.
  • We will NEVER discuss grades, transcripts or reveal your class schedule or daily class attendance even with a password, except with you in person with a photo ID. 

Confidentiality Hold:
In some situations, students have concerns about whether others know they are attending Lane at all.  If you wish to ensure that your attendance is completely confidential, you may also use this form to set a "confidentiality hold".  If you do this, not even normal Directory Information about you will not be available to others. 

  • This means instructors will not be allowed to call your name from class attendance lists or at any other time unless you give specific permission.
  • Your name will not appear on any lists of students participating in campus activities, including sports or honors lists and the graduation booklet.
  • If you call Enrollment Services, even if you give your L" number and name, we will say "There is no information available about this person.  If you believe this is in error, please come to Enrollment Services with photo ID."  It will be your responsibility to volunteer a password in this situation.  We cannot ask you if you have a password, as this might suggest that you are a student.
  • If you come in person to Enrollment Services, or any other office on campus where you may be discussing personal information, you will be asked for a photo ID.  You may either show photo ID or give your password.
  • Anyone who gives your password will be allowed to discuss the information listed above about you.
  • Employers calling to verify your attendance and/or degree earned will be told "There is no information available on this "person".
  • Your name and contact information will not be loaded into the LCC Alert Notification system. If you wish to participate in this notification system, you'll need to first remove the Confidentiality Hold Indicator in ExpressLane.  After 24 hours, you can update your records in the LCC Alert Notification link under Personal Information in ExpressLane.

If you wish to change your password or confidentiality status at any time, you may do so by using the appropriate links in myLane.

For more information, contact Enrollment Services. (541) 463-3100.