Stocks and Securities

Making a gift of appreciated stock and other securities is easy. A transfer can be as simple as a phone call and a written confirmation. For tax purposes, your gift is considered complete on the day that you turn over control of the securities.

The value of the gift is its fair market value on that day, and you pay no tax on the capital gains. If the securities are traded daily on a recognized exchange, the value is the average between the high and low prices for that day.

Securities Held Electronically

  1. Inform your broker that you want to transfer shares to the Lane Community College Foundation. Be clear if you want the gift made before the end of the calendar year.
  2. Instruct your broker to use the following broker information:
    US Bank Charitable Services Group
    Attn. William Dolan, Financial Advisor
    111 SW 5th Ave Ste 600, Portland, OR 97204
    Account Name: LCC Foundation – Holding Account
    Account Number: 080010036707    
    DTC Number: 2803
  3. Send a letter, email or call the Foundation indicating:
    • Your full name and mailing address for tax receipt
    • Specific purpose of your gift or fund name (designation)
    • The estimated amount of the gift
    • Your broker's contact information

Please direct your email to

Please mail to: LCC Foundation, Attn: Shelby Anderson, 4000 E 30th Ave, Eugene, OR 97405

Please direct your call to Wendy Jett, Executive Director at (541) 463-5804

Securities in Certificate Form

  1. In a separate envelope, send a signed stock power certificate to the same address, making sure the signature is exactly as it appears on the stock certificate. (Stock power certificates can be obtained from a broker or from the Foundation.)
  2. Send the unendorsed certificates by certified mail or hand deliver them to:
    Lane Community College Foundation
    4000 E 30th Avenue
    Building 19, Room 270
    Eugene, OR 97405-0640
  3. Send a letter to the Foundation indicating:
  • If your gift is unrestricted or designated for a specific purpose
  • The estimated amount of the gift
  • Your broker's contact information

For other options for transferring gifts of stock, please contact Wendy Jett, Executive Director at (541) 463-5804 or to discuss these in order to avoid complications.