What is PASS Lane?

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"PASS" or Pathways, Academic Skills, and Services targets English Language Learners, GED students, adults with skill gaps or other students interested in transitioning to credit classes while working on reading, writing and math skills. Students admitted to PASS Lane are given the opportunity to take specific credit level Career Technical classes and integrated noncredit ABSE or ESL classes simultaneously, regardless of if they have passed the college placement test.  PASS Lane is for students seeking an individualized & supportive experience!

Students enrolled in PASS Lane receive the following benefits:

  • Individualized coaching
  • Proactive cohort advising
  • Reading and study skill development
  • Student Success Workshops and services which include employer speakers, industry tours and more.

Upon completion of PASS Lane options, students:

  • May have completed a Career Pathway Certificate of completion.
  • Will have earned college credits towards the related Associate degree.
  • Will have enhanced both job search and college success skills.
  • Will receive continued support in either job search or academic transition based on individual goals.

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We are currently recruiting for the following PASS Lane Programs:

  • When do I start? Fall Term
  • How long is the program? Program can be completed in a little as 3 terms.
  • What certification do I earn? Students can expect to earn an Early Childhood Education Certificate.

Early Childhood Education Flyer
Early Childhood Education Schedule
Early Childhood Education Roadmap

Bridge to Culinary Flyer
Culinary Schedule
Culinary Arts Roadmap

  • When do I start? Winter Term
  • How long is the program? This program is extended to 2 terms, versus the traditional 1 term model, in order to specifically provide language learning support to English Learners.
  • What certification do I earn? Students can expect to earn a Certified Nursing Assistant License.

CNA for English Learners flyer
CNA for English Learners Schedule
CNA to Nursing Roadmap

CNA Frequently Asked Questions / Preguntas Frequentes

  • When do I start? Winter term or Spring term
  • How long is the program? Students complete 3-4 terms
  • What certification do I earn? Students can expect to: Learn skills to quickly get a local construction or warehouse job, acquire points toward entry into Apprenticeship Trades, and obtain an individualized plan toward a certificate.

Bridge to Industrial Trades Flyer
Industrial Trades Class Schedule
LCC  Industrial Technologies / Apprenticeship Options

Students can enroll in an Individualized Plan (non-cohort based) in the following areas:

  • Business and Office Professionals
  • Welding
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Steps to Apply for PASS Lane

  1. Fill out the Career Pathways Interest Form.
  2. An advisor will contact you.
  3. Complete the Career Pathways Intake Form.
  4. Meet with an advisor to complete your application.

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