Lane SGA Meetings

During Fall, Winter, and Spring terms, the Lane SGA holds two separate meetings each week: a work session on Tuesday and a Senate Meeting on Thursday.

Work Session

  • Day of the Week: Thursday, alternating with the senate meeting
  • Dates:  October 22, November 5 and 19, December 3
  • Time: 4-6 pm
  • Location: Virtual via Zoom (Attendance limited to Lane SGA members)

Description: The Senate work session is for student government staff and senate members only. It is not a public meeting. They may do training and discuss and plan upcoming events and campaign work.

Senate Meetings (Public)

  • Day of the Week: Thursday, alternating with the work session
  • Upcoming Dates:  November 25 (Wednesday) and December 10 (Thursday)
  • Time: 4-6 PM
  • Location: Virtual via Zoom. Email for information.

Description: The Senate meetings are business meetings and are open to the public. This is a forum for discussing funding proposals, school policy changes, leadership trainings, conferences, speakers and events on campus, voter registration, and student suggestions.

Senate Agendas

Every week, the Vice President is responsible for creating an agenda for that week's Senate meeting. The agenda must be posted in a public forum at least 24 hours prior to the meeting, in accordance with Oregon Public Meeting laws. View previous Senate agendas and upcoming agendas.

Senate Minutes

The Communications Director is responsible for taking minutes of all Lane SGA Senate meetings. A typed version of the minutes must be distributed for Senate review 48 hours before the next Senate meeting. Additionally, minutes must be submitted within 24 hours after the Senate meeting. View the previous Senate minutes.

Parliamentary Procedure

All Lane SGA Senate meetings operate under Parliamentary Procedure. Parliamentary Procedure, also known as Robert's Rules of Order, are rules, ethics, and customs put in to place to govern meetings to ensure efficiency and equity. View more information on Parliamentary Procedure.


Committees focus on an area topic or issue. They may be standing committees or Ad-Hoc committees. The latter are formed to deal with specific issues that are not covered under standing committees. 

Budget Committee

Governing Documents Committee

  • Chair: Staff Director
  • Membership: Student Government senators and staff
  • Day and Time: not in session
  • Location: virtual via Zoom
  • Contact: