Clubs & Organizations

At Lane, you’ll have lots of opportunities to pursue hobbies and interests you enjoy and connect with other students with similar interests. The list of clubs at Lane is long and anyone can join and if you don’t see your personal hobby or interest on the list, you can always start a club of your own. The student-led Council of Clubs helps oversee club activities. Below is a list of active clubs, student identity unions, and other opportunities to get involved as a Titan. For more information, please email:

Looking for guidance on starting a club? Need help finding a club? Try the Center for Student Engagement.

Active Clubs

  • Anime & Manga Club
  • Drone and R/C Club
  • Film Club
  • Lane Aviators Student Association
  • Lane Poets Alliance
  • Northwest Collegiate Ministries Club
  • Role Playing Games Club (table top)
  • STEM Club
  • Student Nurses Association
  • Student Production Association
  • Table Tennis Club

Student Identity Unions

Honor Societies

Other Opportunities