Council of Clubs

The Council of Clubs is a representative body of active and ratified clubs on campus.

The purpose of the Council of Clubs is to plan clubs activities on campus, provide support for clubs, and to encourage an active club presence on campus. The Council is located in Student Life and Leadership Development, Center Building, Room 201.


Laura Urias Flores Marin, Chair

Vacant, Vice Chair

Vacant, Secretary

Vacant, Treasurer


Council meetings will resume in Fall term.

Student clubs are encouraged to send one representative to Council of Clubs meetings on a regular basis to remain in good standing with the Council. The club representative is:

  • Authorized to report on club activities and generally speak on the club's behalf
  • Authorized to vote on any motions at the Council meetings
  • Usually an officer of the club but not necessarily the club president.

Active clubs may choose to be ratified by the Council. Benefits of ratification include:

  • Have one vote on any decisions by the Council.
  • May submit funds requests to the Council.
  • Will receive a stipend at the end of each term provided a club has attended 70% of the meetings within a given term.

For more information on student clubs and organizations at Lane, email or stop by Student Life and Leadership Development in the Center Building, Room 201.

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