Neurodivergent Student Union

Neurodivergence is an Identity

The purposes of Neurodivergent Student Network are:

  1. We provide a peer-to-peer strengths-based supportive network to discuss the opportunities and challenges of living with neurodivergent conditions. We also provide a safe space without judgment, and to share experiences and tips for success.
  2. We create a community where we explore how to think differently about neurodiversity and how our neurodivergence can be leveraged as a strength.
  3. We serve as a knowledge hub for the neurodivergent community as well as those wanting to learn more about neurodivergence.
  4. We bring awareness of and advocacy for neurodivergent issues to the LCC campuses and within the broader community.

Learn more about meetings and events on our Google Site

Our Student Leadership Team (Alphabetical Order)

  • June Huntington
  • P.J. Penland
  • Beth Halbrook Powers
  • Jeremiah Powers
  • Wendy Radike
  • Zoe Toner

Our Faculty Advisor Team:

Want to join? We would love to have your unique strengths! Email us at for more information.