Foundation Scholarship Exception Request

LCC Foundation Scholarship recipients must meet all scholarship eligibility requirements to receive their awards. Most, but not all, scholarships require full-time enrollment (12 credits per term) and satisfactory academic progress (SAP). Some require acceptance into specific programs. Awards are disbursed into student accounts in three equal payments beginning the second Thursday of each term for fall/winter/spring. Eligibility will be verified before any payment is released,

Note: Students who fail to enroll at Lane Community College in the fall will forfeit any scholarships they were offered for the academic year and these scholarships will be offered to an alternate.

Complete this LCC Foundation Scholarship Exception Request if you have special circumstances that may impact your eligibility.

Your scholarship exception request will be reviewed, and the Foundation will contact you via your Lane issued email if additional information is required to make a decision. If an exception request is approved after the scheduled disbursement date, it may take one to two weeks for any payment to appear in your myLane account.

Note: Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to create a Term-by-Term Plan. You may be asked to email a copy of the Advisor’s Plan to the Foundation.

If you have questions, contact:

LCC Foundation Scholarship Exception Request Form

To be considered for a possible scholarship exception, complete the following:

Important: The LCC Foundation cannot give advice about class requirements or Financial Aid. We recommend that you meet with an academic advisor before making any decisions about dropping classes or changing to Pass-No Pass grading options. You should also check with Financial Aid Office to see how these decisions might impact your current or future financial aid.
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Enrollment Information:

Enrollment information for each term of the academic year (summer/fall/winter/spring) is required. A request submitted without the required enrollment information is incomplete and will not be considered.

An academic year is four terms, and always begins with the Summer Term and ends with the following Spring Term. Enter “0” for TOTAL term credits for any term you will not be enrolled, and NONE for list of courses.

Note: In addition to the required enrollment information you provide in this section, some students may also be asked to submit a Term-by-Term Plan prepared by their Academic Advisor.

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Fall term:
Winter term:
Spring Term: