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30 spots for the camp
July 15-19 & 22-26, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.


LCC Main Campus (4000 E 30th Ave, Eugene, OR 97405) - Building 30 - See Map


Lunch and snacks will be provided. If you have extreme dietary needs, please contact the program coordinator to make arrangements or discuss options. Make sure to eat breakfast each day before you arrive. Students are encouraged to bring a refillable water bottle and welcome to bring their own snacks as well.

Dress Code

Because students participating in MedSplash will be exploring healthcare facilities and working with healthcare professionals, they need to dress appropriately.

  • Clothing must be clean without holes or tears and all undergarments must be covered by clothing.
  • Pants, jeans, shorts, and skirts should be secured at the waist and must fall to mid-thigh. No mini-skirts, pajamas, compression shorts, or sweatpants are allowed.
  • Shirts and dresses must have shoulder covering at least 3” wide. Shirts must cover the midriff. Dresses must fall to mid-thigh.
  • See through tops, tube tops, halter-tops, spaghetti straps, and tops with offensive wording/graphics are not allowed.
  • Shoes or sandals are to be worn at all times and exclude flip-flops, thongs, or high heels.
high schoolers in MedSplash shirts smiling and working together

Discover the World of Healthcare!