Standards of Conduct in the Use of Social Media for Health Professions

Health Profession Students must be knowledgeable and respectful of the principles of patient/client privacy and confidentiality in safeguarding identifiable patient/client information as it relates to social media;

Health Professions Students who use social media should represent their own views, be professional and accurate in their communications.

Errors and omissions in communication, harassing statements, and unprofessional language presented via social media may have a long-lasting and possibly negative impact on the individual, their profession and/or the Division of Health Professions at Lane Community College;

Health Profession Students shall consider when and how to separate their personal and professional lives on social media.

Health Profession Students should be knowledgeable about clinical training sites' published policies on social media.

Health Profession Students shall not misrepresent when they are speaking for themselves or other organizations, educational institutions, clinical sites, or employers;

If an individual identifies content posted to social media by a colleague that appears unprofessional, s/he has a responsibility to bring that to the attention of the individual that has posted the content so that s/he can remove it or take other appropriate action;

Health Profession Students engaging in social media activities shall demonstrate appropriate conduct in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.