Employee Benefits - Domestic Partner Benefits

General Eligibility

All of the criteria listed below must be met before benefits can be extended to the domestic partner of a Lane employee. The employee will need to certify in writing that:

  • Both parties are 18 years of age or older; and
  • Are each other's sole domestic partner living together in a spousal equivalent relationship; and
  • Share a close relationship and are responsible for each other's common welfare; and
  • Are not related by blood closer than would bar marriage in the State of Oregon; and
  • Are not legally married to anyone else; and
  • Have jointly shared the same permanent residence for at least six months immediately preceding the date of the affidavit and intend to continue to do so indefinitely; and
  • Are jointly responsible for "basic living expenses;" including including food, shelter and medical expenses

Insurance Eligibility

Insurance benefits will be available to domestic partners and their legal dependents on the same basis that they are available to legal spouses and the legal dependents of those spouses. In other words, if you qualify for dependent insurance coverage, your domestic partner can be added to your coverage on the same basis as a legal spouse. Your partner's legal dependents can be added on the same basis as other dependent children. For specific information about insurance eligibility, refer to your union contract or working agreement or contact Human Resources.

Insurance Enrollment

To add a domestic partner and/or the partner's dependents to your coverage, the Affidavit of Domestic Partnership form must be completed and submitted along with the applicable Insurance Enrollment/Change form. These forms are available in the Human Resources Forms Library and should be returned upon completion to the Human Resources Office within 30 days of meeting the general eligibility requirements above.

Domestic partners and their legal dependents can also be added during the regular open enrollment period for each employee group or according to the insurance carrier's normal rules for adding dependents outside open enrollment.

Taxation of Insurance Benefits

The IRS requires the college to tax the value of domestic partner benefits as income. For more information about the taxable value of insurance benefits, contact a Human Resources Benefits Analyst.

Termination of Domestic Partnership Benefits

If the partnership terminates, the signing employee must submit the Termination of Domestic Partnership form and applicable Insurance Enrollment/Change form to Human Resources within 30 calendar days. These forms are available in the Human Resources Forms Library.

Human Resources Contact Information

Benefits Team:

Kali Phillips (last names beginning A-L, except PT faculty)
Lead HR Benefits Analyst
direct: (541) 463-5589
email: phillipsk@lanecc.edu

Heidi Morales (last names beginning M-Z, except PT faculty)
Lead HR Benefits / LOA / ADA Coordinator
direct: (541) 463-5592
email: moralesh@lanecc.edu

Emily Madden
HR Generalist (all PT faculty)
direct: (541) 463-3193
email: maddene@lanecc.edu

Sharon Daniel
Talent Acquisition & Development Manager
direct: (541) 463-5190
email: daniels@lanecc.edu