Discrimination Complaint Process

  1. Submit Complaint

  2. Administrator reviews complaint and communicates complaint process options

    1. Informal Complaint Process
      (Complainant can opt out of informal process and pursue the formal process at any time)
      1. Administrator works with parties to informally resolve
    2. Formal Complaint Process
      1. Investigator Assigned and starts investigation within 5 business days
      2. Supervising Vice President issues decision based upon fact-finding Investigative report within 5 business days
      3. Appeal process if requested within 5 business day
      4. Hearing Committee reviews appeal within 10 business days
      5. Hearing Committee issues decision to President within 5 business days
      6. President issues decision within 5 business days

Complaint follow up is conducted with informal and formal processes at 2 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months to ensure any remedial actions have eliminated any on-going discrimination.