International Students on main campus

Steps to Enroll for International Students

How to Apply and Enroll

We are excited to welcome you to Eugene! Please read the instructions below to get ready to come to Lane Community College!

If you're going to study at Lane on a student visa (F, J) or other visitor visa (B, C, D, M, P, or Q), you're in the right place! If you're a US citizen or resident, or you're studying on a different visa type, you should explore other ways to enroll or reach out to Admissions.

Application Information

Your first step towards joining our Lane family begins with the application process. To make it as easy and stress free as possible we outlined a 3 step process to complete your application with next steps. At the bottom of the page you’ll also find more resources to make sure you feel informed and confident about joining us at Lane! Once your application is fully submitted, it will be reviewed and you'll be notified if additional information is needed or if you are admitted.

How to Complete Your Lane Application

  1. Go to our online application and input your name and a unique email address you check often. The system will send you an email with a temporary password. Please check your inbox or spam folder.  Use that temporary password to then log in.  After logging in, you will be prompted to fill out some basic information.
  2. Use a debit or credit card to pay the $50 (USD) non-refundable processing fee.
  3. Important Notes:
    • You'll need to submit some documents (see the what's required box below).
    • You need to be at least 16 to apply, and at least 17 years of age by the first day of your entering term
    • Optional: English Proficiency Test Results. This may allow you to go right into credit level classes without having to take ESL courses. Find out information about exact score requirements
    • Optional: Transfer Status Verification Form. For students already studying in the US, partner with your advisor at your current school to fill out this form and send to Lane.

Start a New Application Return to an application you've already started

Documents preferred in PDF format. Or: .gif .jpg .png .bmp .tif

Lane may request additional documents if needed to complete your application review. In some cases, you may be asked to provide original documents sent to Lane Community College from your bank or educational institution. If this is the case, we will notify you directly.

Please check your email very often for important information and next steps.


  • Proof of Finances: A letter or statement from your bank (or your sponsors), dated within the last 6 months, and verifying that you currently have enough funds available to pay for one academic year.
  • Transcripts: Scanned, from your most recent school (university or secondary school) and if you attend or attended a school in the USA, from all US schools attended.
  • Passport ID Page: A copy showing your picture, passport number, full name, date of birth, and issuing country
  • Proof of English Proficiency: Optional but highly recommended. We welcome TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo and others.

Make your first-term deposit

After being admitted, if you're a full-time student, you will be requested to make a deposit directly to Lane to cover the costs of studying here for one term (3 months). You'll receive an invoice with a link to make your deposit.

Prepare for and take your placement tests

If you submitted proof of English proficiency, you may only need to take the Math placement test. Watch your email for details.


  • Make sure to have your passport ready when you take an online placement test!
  • A computer with an external web cam
  • Your email from accuplacer with your 8 digit voucher number

Complete your advising

You will receive an email about next steps for advising. Some options include:

  • If you currently live in Oregon, please schedule an advising appointment in the office by calling 541-463-3434.
  • If you live in the USA but not in Oregon or if you live outside of the USA, sign up for an online advising session.

Get Your Visa at the US Embassy

Check your I-20: If you submitted proof of English proficiency with high enough scores, you will receive an I-20 for college level. Many I-20s are issued for language training level. If you received a language training level I-20 and if you take the online placement exam and place into college level, you’ll receive a new I-20. Make sure all the information is correct and SIGN THE I-20!

Reserve your student apartment at Titan Court

New international students are required to live in Titan Court for at least one term.


Plan for Your Arrival

Travel Information

  1. Plan Your Flight to Eugene, Oregon (Airport Code: EUG): Check the dates for when we offer free airport pickup.
  2. Carry Important Documents: Be sure to carry all of your important documents with you. Do NOT put these in your checked luggage: I-20, passport with F-1 Visa, letter of admission, proof of finances and any transcripts if you previously attended school in the USA.
  3. Bringing Children? Read through some important information we think you'll find helpful 

Health Information

  1. Insurance: Lane requires international students to have approved health insurance whenever they have a valid I-20. As an admitted student, you're automatically enrolled in a student health plan, and will be provided with your insurance card when you arrive at Lane.
  2. Medications: Make sure you bring at least a 90 day supply of any medication you take. Pre-existing conditions are not covered for your first six months in the USA.
  3. Dentist: Be sure you visit your dentist before you depart your home country. Dental insurance is not included in most health insurance plans.
  4. Glasses: We recommend you bring two pairs of glasses or contact lenses. Vision coverage is not included in most health plans.

Complete the confirmation and arrival forms

Check your email for two emails:

  • An email with a link to the confirmation form
  • An email with a link to the arrival form.
    • Be sure to have your visa before completing this form.
    • In order to receive airport pick-up you must complete the form 7 days prior to your arrival. Check the dates of available airport pick up listed below under Dates and Deadlines before you book your flight.

A peer mentor is looking forward to connecting with you soon after you submit the confirmation form. If you have any questions about these forms, contact our international advising team at

Attend the new student orientation

Watch your email for details on how to attend orientation.

  • On-campus check-in and orientation is required for all newly admitted international students. During Orientation you will receive important information about immigration regulations, health insurance, and college policies.
  • Some orientation sessions may be offered online, and you may complete them before coming to campus. Keep an eye on your email for details.
  • You can find the orientation dates below.
  • Orientation helps prepare you for a successful experience at Lane Community College, and it includes:
    • Placement testing, advising, class registration
    • SEVIS immigration regulations
    • Information about health insurance and safety
    • Student services/resources
    • Fun Social Activities
    • Meeting your Peer Mentor. The international student peer mentor program supports new international students during their first term at Lane. Peer mentors are current students at Lane who want to help new international students. They will connect with you before you arrive and throughout the term. They help answer your questions and help you learn about Lane and Eugene.


  • Be sure to bring copies of your college transcripts to your orientation.

Dates and Deadlines

Full-Time Student Deadlines

Full-time international students are students who will receive their I-20 from Lane Community College.

Dates and Deadlines Fall 2024 Winter 2025 Spring 2025
Admission Application Open Open Open Will open soon
Admission Deadline July 15 October 15 January 15
Notify Lane of Your
Visa and Arrival Plans
September 1 December 1 March 1
Online Placement Test
Start Date
July 1 & Aug 1 November 1 February 1
Online Placement Test
August 30 November 30 February 29
Airport Pickup and
Titan Court Move-in Dates*
September 22-24 December 29-30 March 25-26
Orientation Dates September 25 January 2 March 27
First Day of the Term September 30 January 6 March 31

*Airport pick up can only be accommodated during these specific days. Airport pick up and move-in to Titan Court begins at 10 a.m. on the first day Airport pick up is available each term. Titan Court cannot accommodate arrivals earlier than the move-in dates specified.

Part-Time Student Deadlines

Part-time international students are on F-1 visas and will keep their I-20 at a school other than Lane or on J, B or other temporary immigrant visas.

Dates and Deadlines Fall 2024 Winter 2025 Spring 2025
Admissions Application Open Open Open  
Admission Deadline September 30 January 6 March 31
Enrollment Process Deadline
(2 options)
a. International Office TBA TBA TBA
b. Counseling & Advising Office TBA TBA TBA
First Day of ESL Term September 30 January 6 March 31
First Day of Credit Term September 30 January 6 March 31

Further Resources