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Contract and Procurement Services

The Contract and Procurement Office staff is dedicated to fostering a collaborative and mutually beneficial partnership between Lane Community College and our vendor community. Key functions of the Procurement and Contract Office include maintaining vendor records and relationships, monitoring college procurement procedures, providing procurement training to college employees and faculty, coordinating the purchase of goods and services for all college departments, and managing vendor bids and proposals. This includes negotiation, recommendation, and monitoring of contract awards, as well as offering guidance and procurement recommendations to departments and Board of Education.

The Lane Community College Contracts & Procurement Office, in collaboration with the Financial Services Team, is committed to advancing the mission and goals of the College. Through strategic sourcing, contract management, and innovative solutions, we aim to facilitate the procurement process, mitigate risk, and maximize value in every transaction. Our commitment to enhancing access to quality education, driving economic development, and championing sustainability is reinforced by a collaborative culture rooted in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Contracts and Procurement Office embodies the core values of the College, emphasizing professionalism, integrity, and accountability, while ensuring responsible stewardship of public funds through teamwork, creative solutions, and open communication.

The State of Oregon Public Contracting Code consists of three chapters in the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS). These three chapters are ORS 279A (general contracting activities), ORS 279B (the procurement of goods and services by public entities), and ORS 279C (architectural, engineering, transportation planning, land surveying, and other related services). These three statutes contain the Oregon Community College Rules of procurement provide the framework and guidance for the Lane Community College contracting and procurement processes.  

Note: the Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS), State Agencies, and Community Colleges may have exemptions and rules that differ from those adopted by Lane Community College. Please contact us if you need clarification or interpretation of any of our rules or processes.

As defined by Oregon Revised Statute ORS 244, no employee or agent of Lane Community College (public officials) shall use or attempt to use their position at the College for the purpose of financial gain or to avoid financial loss for themselves, relatives, or any business with which the employee, agent, or relative has an association. Receiving personal gain through public employment is prohibited.

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