College Account Payment Plans

Going to college doesn't have to be a financial burden. Interest-free payment plans are a smart way to pay for college!

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How to sign up

A new payment plan must be set up each term. To be eligible for a payment plan, you must owe at least in $100 in eligible charges.

  1. Sign up in “myFinances”/“Make a Payment”
    During the enrollment Period login to myLane and go to myFinances tab and choose “Make a Payment”
  2. In Epay/Student Account, choose Student and Staff, then log in with your L# and password
    Choose one of the installment plans. A $25 per term non-refundable fee is due upon enrollment. Any down payment you make will reduce the amount of each scheduled payment equally–it will not pay off your first installment. Enrolling late? You will be required to pay your first installment immediately.
  3. Be prepared to pay
    The money automatically deducts from your account on installment due dates–make sure there is enough money to cover the charges. A fee of $35 will be charged if a scheduled payment is missed.
  4. Card Payment Service Fee
    You will be assessed a non-refundable convenience fee of
    2.95% on the transaction amount ($3.00 minimum) for using the service. For more information, please visit the Bursar page.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.


Summer 2024

Plan Options Enrollment Period Installment Due Dates
3 Installment (15th of each month) Summer Term 2024: 6/17/2024 to 7/14/2024 Summer Term 2024 3 installment: 7/15/2024, 8/15/2024, and 9/15/2024
5 Installment (every other week) Summer Term 2024: 6/17/2024 to 7/17/2024 Summer Term 2024 5 installment: 7/18/2024, 8/1/2024, 8/15/2024, 8/29/2024, and 9/15/2024
4 Installment (1st & 15th of each month) Summer Term 2024: 6/17/2024 to 7/31/2024 Summer Term 2024 4 installment: 8/1/2024, 8/15/2024, 9/1/2024, and 9/15/2024


Fall 2024 - Viewable Only

Plan Options Enrollment Period Installment Due Dates
3 Installment (15th of each month) Fall Term 2024: 9/17/2024 to 10/14/2024 Fall Term 2024 3 installment: 10/15/2024, 11/15/2024, and 12/15/2024
5 Installment (every other week) Fall Term 2024: 9/17/2024 to 10/16/2024 Fall Term 2024 5 installment: 10/17/2024, 10/31/2024, 11/14/2024, 11/28/2024, and 12/15/2024
4 Installment (1st & 15th of each month) Fall Term 2024: 9/17/2024 to 10/31/2024 Fall Term 2024 4 installment: 11/1/2024, 11/15/2024, 12/1/2024, and 12/15/2024

What if I want to change my payment method?

You can change your payment method until two days before a payment is scheduled to be taken out of your account. To change your info, log into myLane, myFinances, make a payments and click Payment Plans, then click Change next to payment method. Do not forget to associate the new payment method with your payment plan.

What if my class schedule changes?

If you add or drop classes, it's no problem! Your scheduled payment will be automatically adjusted and you will receive an email with the new amount.

Other functions in Student Account

  • Update your payment profile: Click Personal Profile
  • Pay off your plan: click Payment Plans, then click Pay Off Plan next to pay off amount
  • View your agreement: click Payment Plans, then click View Agreement
  • View current installment status: click Payment Plans and scroll down

Contact Bursar

Fax: 541-463-4190

Federal Tax ID: 93-0546223

Building 1, first floor

Lane Community College/Bursar/Sponsored Accounts
P.O. Box 50850
Eugene, OR 97405-0999

Service Hours:
Mon-Wed 8:30am-4:30pm
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