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Resource Center for New Employees

Welcome to Lane Community College!

We know that there are many employment options out there and we are excited that you have chosen Lane Community College.

Benefits Orientation Information

As a new employee, you have 30 days from your date of hire to select and enroll in the health plans. Eligibility for insurance begins the first of the month following your date of employment. For example, if your first day of employment is February 1, your coverage begins on March 1.

Please select the appropriate employee category below to watch the orientation video. Once you have viewed the orientation video, please complete the required forms.

General information on other benefits can also be accessed from the LCC Benefits website.

Required Forms

After watching your orientation video, the following forms are required and must be completed within 30 days of hire:

Optional Forms

The following forms are optional based on your enrollment selections; however, deadlines may apply:

Deadline Applies - within 30 days of hire:

No Deadline Applies:

Campus Resources

Building Access

During non-business hours, campus indoor facilities are accessible by badge access and/or key(s). Your department has likely already submitted a work order to Facilities for any building keys that you may need and/or submitted a request to Public Safety for badge access to any buildings you may need to access during non-business hours. Facilities will contact you when any ordered building keys are ready for pickup and your ID (access) badge is obtained from Public Safety. Please contact your department administrator or manager with questions related to building access.

Dining On-Campus

Employees are welcome to visit any of the dining venues on campus, get food to go, or share a coffee and pastry with a friend. Visit LCC Dining for the different options.

Information Technology, Computer, Campus Phone

The Information Technology staff supports our employees with their communication and computing needs. Contact the IT Help Desk to troubleshoot a hardware or software program, view online program tutorials, problem solve login issues, or get answers to your technology questions. Visit the IT website for more information.


Employees have full access to the LCC library services and collections. These include borrowing privileges, reference and research assistance, access to computers, and instructional programs. Visit the LCC Library website for more information.

Mandatory Training

Upon hire, there is mandatory training that all employees must complete. These mandatory trainings are provided through Vector Solutions and will be assigned to you shortly after you begin working. Your username is your L# and no password is necessary. In addition to any assigned training, there is also a library of (optional) training materials available to you.


Employees are paid twice a month, on the 10th and the 25th. If that date falls on a weekend or bank holiday, pay day is the last working day immediately preceding. Timesheets are submitted through ExpressLane, and payroll will send out an email reminding employees of the submittal deadline. Visit the Payroll Information website for more information.

Titan Store

In addition to books, the Titan Store also has miscellaneous merchandise and grab-and-go food selections for purchase. Employees are eligible for a discount on certain items so be sure to present your employee ID badge at checkout to receive your discount.


Employees and their families are encouraged to enhance wellness through many components and channels. The employee wellness program offers a wide array of resources for helping employees and their families achieve and maintain optimal wellness by sponsoring free/reduced classes, events and other services.

Community Resources

Food Pantries
Free Meal Locations
Health & Human Services
Homeless Shelters
Housing & Community Services
Relief Nursery Community Resource Guide

Experience Eugene

Adventures & Recreation
Arts & Culture
Events & Festivals
Landscape & Nature
Local Food
Music & Nightlife
Willamette Valley Communities