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Applying for Graduation, a Degree, or a Certificate

Getting ready to graduate? Congratulations! If you’ll be completing your degree requirements this term, learn more below about how to apply for your degree or certificate

Before filling out the application for graduation, be sure you have:

  • Fulfilled all requirements prior to the Graduation Application Deadline (i.e. submitted all official transcripts: prior institutions, CLEP scores, Advanced Placement, military, etc.). Important for Transfer students: You must earn at least 24 degree credits at Lane.
  • Completed or be registered for all coursework required for your degree(s) and/or certificate(s). Review your myGradPlan online through ExpressLane and/or meet with an Advising Team to verify that you have met or will meet your degree requirements.
  • Verified that your address in ExpressLane is current and that your Program of Study and catalog year are accurate. If necessary, update your Program of Study and/or catalog year information before you apply for graduation.

Once you've fulfilled those requirements, it's time to apply for graduation!

Apply for Graduation in ExpressLane

After logging in, click "myEnrollment", then "Student Academic Records and Transcripts", and then select "Graduation Application" at the bottom of the menu. Complete all the fields, then "Submit".

Once the term is over, we'll complete a degree audit, and 15-20 business days after grades have posted, your degree will show on your transcript.

2024-25 Deadlines to Apply for a Degree or Certificate:

Be sure to apply prior to April 27, 2025 to be included in the 2025 Commencement Program!

  • Summer 2024: 5/07/24 - 9/15/24
  • Fall 2024: 05/07/24 – 12/15/24
  • Winter 2025: 11/05/24 – 03/23/25
  • Spring 2025: 11/05/24 – 06/15/25

If you completed your degree and/or certificate(s) requirements prior to the term in which you are applying, please send a request to


Diplomas are ordered four times a year:

  • First week of October
  • Second week of January
  • Second week of April
  • Second week of July

Diplomas will arrive 4-6 weeks after the order date, and are automatically mailed to the address on file in ExpressLane. There is a $10 fee for each additional diploma (use the Application for Duplicate/Additional Diplomas form on the ESFS forms page).

What's the difference between graduation and commencement?


Graduation is the certifying of degrees and certificates.


Commencement is the annual ceremony Lane has for all graduates who complete their degrees during the year. The commencement ceremony is held in June. Learn about how to participate in commencement.